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ten month favorites

a little late to this party, but better late than never, no?  Spring is in FULL SWING over in these parts, which means the weather is changing and the temps are rising. this month's favorites list its all about the summer comfort and play!
pound + tap bench // the big girls got this toy at their second birthday and Parker still carries around that wooden hammer on her mickey mouse tool belt. but Baker gets a kick out of putting the balls in the holes more than anything else.
activity cube // by far her FAVORITE toy on the planet.  another hand-me-down toy we pulled it out early this month and she stands and keeps herself busy busy busy with this thing. we got it from Costco around Christmas time a couple years ago for the twins, but they never got the use out of it like miss Baker.  I think this age is prime time for her development and cognitive skills in using this cube.
snack keeper // its hard for me to believe that my sweet girl is big enough to hang with the rest of them!  the big girls still use their keepers and Baker got herself her own recently and I am impressed that she has figured it out.  not to say their aren't times when she flips her cup upside down and she's sitting in a pile o' puffs, but we are working on those motor skills and she's getting the hang of it.
plum teensy fruits // I randomly picked these up at Target trying to find something different than puffs and they are a HIT!  miss Baker has just two (bottom) teeth with no others in sight, and she gums these well and has no problem eating them (even though they say tots on the box.)
shortie pajamas // its getting warm in Texas!  Baker is a sweater - she is drenched any time she is in her carseat or stroller and especially when she sleeps!  she's started to sleep without the sleep sac and while some nights she is still in long pants, we are leaning towards the short sleeves and short pants.  this pj set (on sale!) is SO cute, too.. I got it for all three of the babes.  love that match-matchy business!
fabric tie headband // they are soft and hold their shape- which is important because if Baker can see the headband at all she's grabbing for it and stretching it off her head. she doesnt' mind it being on her head/over her ears, but if she sees it, its game over.  we have EVERY color and print!  we also have a handful of her poolside headbands, too! Use code pbandj for 25% off your order.. that code NEVER expires:)
summer hats // Baker in floppy hats.  ok.  babies in general in floppy hats. come ON!  Baker has more hats than her closet shelf can hold and the floppy ones are my favorite.  perfect for keeping the sun off her baby face, and great for wearing to the pool.
golden hill skinny minny onesies  // I mentioned these back when Baker was a tiny babe in my postpartum favorites blog post.  summer is quickly approaching and we still live in these super lightweight and uber comfy onesies! she wore them all winter for layering, and now a little bare baby arm action for the summer!  they hold their shape incredibly well and can double as swimwear when she's playing in the water table out in the backyard.
j+j tank jumper (on sale!!) // another summer favorite.  stretchy.  lightweight.  and the colors!  it is my go to option for hanging out around the house or heading to the park.  we have them in several colors:)


Unknown said...

I was curious about those teensy fruits for Brody but because they said tots, I always by passed them. Nice to know they are easy enough. He has 6 going on 8 teeth so if they work for Miss.Baker, they should work for him! Thanks momma

Kelly said...

That snack keeper is cool. My SIL got one for my nephew

Thanks for your month by month posts on favorites

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