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five on friday

 one.  lashes!! 
disclaimer.. please excuse my post workout sweaty hot mess of hair up there. the humidity is ridiculous, and even at 5am I am DRENCHED in sweat by the time I get home.  
ANYway.. my lashes. so many of you asked about them!  honestly, it was the best thing I have ever done for myself!  I used to think that getting my nails done once a month was my greatest 'me time', but that was before I napped or an hour while I got my eyelashes done.  I never ever thought I would be interested or needed them- and I still don't.  but I got them right before we went to Cabo because I didnt want to worry with bringing my entire makeup collection and I was going simple.  mascara is one of those things for me that I would take with me if stranded on a desert island.  
mascara is also something that I haven't worn in almost two months.
I have zero makeup on in this picture.  they are full and long and
is it worth it for the money?  the gal I go to is absolutely amazing (!!) and doesn't charge the amount that I've looked into and I'm so thankful for her! it completely cut down on my time in the mornings- especially when I have to get ready with three babes at my feet and three that I also need to manage and get them dressed, too. I take really good (and careful) care of them so they last about 2-3 weeks in between fills.  I wash them several times a week and if I do wear mascara (like, on my bottom lashes) I use oil free everything.  baby wash for cleaning and I have to be careful with my facial moisturizer and sun screen- I lost a lot while we were on vacation because of this, but that was to be expected!
if you are in the DFW area check out my lash studio.  
..and also.  this coffee mug is everything.
two.  Baker's first sno cone.
it is SO HOT right now.  even on days when it doesnt even reach 90 degrees the humidity makes it feel like 110!  the other day I went to pick up the girls from their BB + Papa's house after a day spent playing with their cousins and decided that a sno cone was more important than dinner.  Baker is working on those two top teeth (at the same time!) and so anything cool is her jam.  she LOVED it!  she was making us all laugh when she dipped her spoon in everyone else sno cone cups. she wanted a little nibble of everything. 
...if I had lashes like Baker then I wouldn't need extensions. 
last week I shared our collaboration with carter's (can we talk about how cool that is!?) and although the giveaway is over, the discount code is still available for a couple more weeks!
use code LBB2016 for 20% off your entire purchase until 7/4! 
and for my in-store shoppers- have the cashier use code 069475.
I might have used my own coupon code for that red plaid romper above and this floral one, too.. and these maxi dresses for the big girls.. and this sweet little embroidered tank top for Baker. 
their summer line is off the charts precious!!  
four. off the shoulder tops.
anyone else have this obsession?  I cant get enough!  the off the shoulder look is just SO cute and feminine.. and 100% boho.  I love this look and its perfect for summer.
backyard bbq's.
margaritas on the patio.
concerts on the lawn.

all of the above!

five.  summer nights + yummy meals from the grill.
this week when making my grocery list I noticed all the summer fruits on sale!  'tis the season for fresh juicy fruit!  I scored a giant watermelon for 5 bucks and the cartons of raspberries were BOGO.
we have been grilling ALOT lately and I found myself meal planning this week and including almost every meal to be cooked on the glorious grill! costco had a great sale on their lean ground beef.. so I also needed to find a way to use some of that up, too!

heres what we are eating this week:
monday: burgers! roasted parmesan sweet potatoes and grilled watermelon + feta salad
tuesday: mexican chicken tamale casserole
wednesday: cilantro lime grilled chicken with strawberry salsa + roasted tomato pasta salad
thursday: stuffed spaghetti squash w ground beef (second week in a row for squash!)
friday: date night!
happy weekend, ya'll!


Unknown said...

When you do use mascara which one is your fave?

Amber Massey said...

Hi Jennifer! I use bad gal lash by benefit cosmetics:)

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