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saving face with rodan + fields | a review + giveaway

let me take you back about 60 days ago. after sharing a posts about my favorite beauty products at the moment I received the sweetest email from Amy.  yes I had heard of rodan + fields and had actually tried the product once about 2 years ago.. I wasnt given much guidance when using that product and I didn't get results I was looking for, so the investment into that product wasnt worth it to me at the time.  I shared my experience with Amy, and she understood my hesitations.
I was completely transparent- I didn't want yet another disappointing experience with another skin care product.

because, ya'll.  I have tried everything. 

the moment I agreed to given r+f a try (again) I started to dread.. really DREAD sharing this post.  how was I supposed to know the possible results? not to mention that putting myself, my scars, and my splotchy skin out there for all of you all to see was at the top of my anxiety list. 

after 30 days I could see a difference.  well, actually.  after just a couple weeks I could tell a difference in the texture of my skin.  I have really dry and flaky skin- but exfoliating with scrubs often are too harsh.  its the most annoying catch 22 ever. but the exfoliating wash I used in combination with the night cream really changed that for me.  it allowed me to consistently lose that dead layer of skin rather than letting it sit there until it started to flake.
what did I use?
Reverse Regimen
AMP MD roller
REDEFINE overnight cream

So.. lets start from the beginning. 
The Reverse Regimen was best fit for my skin type and the results I was seeking.  while I do still struggle with some adult breakouts, the reduction of my scars and dark spots was at the top of my wishlist. and honestly my adult acne wasnt terrible enough to need the strength of the unblemish line r+f offers.
Reverse is made up of four steps:
-Deep Exfoliating Wash
-Intensive Brightening Toner
-Dual Active Brightening Complex (a retinol formula and a vitamin C formula)
-Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with SPF 50+
the claims to fame?
Reverse helps erase the appearance of premature aging, including brown spots, dullness, and discolorations.  it will brighten skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and defend against sun exposure for a radiant complexion!

in addition to this 4 step reverse regimen I started using the AMP roller.  at first glance/use of this thing I was super skeptical because- how can that really work?  what is it supposed to do exactly?? 
well!  I am so glad you asked!  (ha!)
the AMP MD Roller utilizes micro-exfoliation technology for visibly advanced skin-firming benefits. when I combined its use with the REVERSE Regimen, my REVERSE results were accelerated while also promoting a firmer-looking complexion.  the best part about it?  for me anyway.. the AMP Roller was so helpful in reducing the appearance of my scarring. 
one extra step! 
after talking about my skin type and tendencies.. and after completing the skin care consultation, Amy recommended that I use the REDEFINE Overnight Restorative Cream in addition to the Reverse. since I have such dry skin, this was the best way for me to maintain moisture.  it is an ultra-hydrating cream which replenishes skin’s natural moisturizing factors while you sleep for visibly firmer, less-lined skin in the morning. the moisture recycling complex of hyaluronic acid and glycerin prevent moisture loss while 12-hour, time-released antioxidants A, C and E replenish vital skin nutrients. 

to be completely honest.. there were even some nights that I went to sleep with a dirty face and skipped the second half of my skin care regimen and STILL saw these results.  I'm so lazy about washing my face, but after seeing the results it motivated me to keep up with it!

more company details..
 rodan+fields is not a “one product fits all” shop…everyone’s skin is NOT the same! This is why Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields have created several different lines of skincare, and finding the one that is best, specifically for you in the key. 
All regimens/products are a 2 month supply when used 2x each day.
Every purchase comes with an incredible empty bottle, 60 day, money-back guarantee.
want to learn more?? I am hardly a sales person.. and try to keep this blog as transparent as possible, and that being said- I believe in this product and after using a million different things on my face I have fallen in love with a regimen that I can actually attest to working as it claims!

giveaway time!

Amy is so graciously offering to any of my readers who complete the skin care consultation (and emails it to themselves) will be entered to win a jar of the Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream (a $60 value)!  You can access the solution tool HERE
view Amy's website HERE or contact her through email HERE to learn more about how she can help you get the best regimen your skin needs.

I went out to run errands without and ounce of makeup on for the first time in YEARS.
maybe even EVER. 
worth it enough for me.. how about you?


Unknown said...

I used the tool and sent an email. I wasn't sure how we get our name in the giveaway. <3

Unknown said...

Can we talk about your gorgeous lashes for a second?!?!? What do you use for those beauties?

Unknown said...

👆🏞I'm with Rachel! Those lashes are to die for and you are as beautiful as ever, with or without your makeup!

Kelly Smith said...

But how about them lashes?! Looking good girl!!

Alexa said...

I just wanted to tell you that you are absolutely GORGEOUS! You are such a natural beauty!! Your little girls definitely got it from their momma!!

Brandi Jo Little, Author said...

^^^ My thoughts are exactly parallel with Alexa's! Beautiful!

elle jo said...

I've done a lot secret reading of your blog where I follow and read but don't post.

But I wanted to post today - you are beautiful even on day one! Don't ever for a second think you're not.

Unknown said...

I love R+F too! I enjoyed hearing how it works so you and got some ideas for switching up my own regimen. Also, those lashes!! We need a blog post about those, I've noticed many women getting them recently, curious how they hold up for the price! :) Love your blog!

Brittney Hjelseth said...

I'm on the same train as above... lashes!! do you get them done? I've been considering!

Unknown said...

I recently became a Rodan and Fields consultant as well for my love of this product and the amazing transformations it has for people. I have been using Redefine and Unblemish and am stunned with how great my skin is now! So happy you jumped on the band wagon :)

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