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WIWW: Birthday Monies & Booties

"Hey, Jordan.. real quick- the girls are asleep... wait, don't turn off the truck.. lets take a quick outfit pic"

Which actually means: take 35964 pictures and I'll hate every single one of them only to reluctantly agree to hold off on number 35965 when the neighbor kids come barreling out of the garage next door.

Besides, I'm a little rusty because the last "What I Wore" post was like.. months ago.  Life has been busy.

Thats all I got.

Well, that.. and this new outfit courtesy of my birthday monies.   Don't you love birthday monies?  I do.  Especially when they coincide with a 50% off sale:)

In case you are wondering..  cut my hair.  Not completely on my own desire- but it had been nearly a decade (in technical hair-dresser time) since my last cut and color and a brief lapse in my prenatal vitamins caused serious damage to my ends.

I lost inches from breakage and it was terribly depressing.  Can I go back to the hair I had this time last year and 7 months pregnant?

Man my hair was good.  And long.

Don't stop taking your vitamins.  Just as a disclaimer.
But- its growing on me.  I've had my hair even shorter than this a time or two, and even though I want so badly for it to be long (serious contemplation of extensions. And then Jordan laughed in my face) I like it alright.
top // loft * jeans // loft * handbag // sseko designs * sunglasses // micheal kors * booties // clarks

Feeling pretty in this flowy top and skinny jeans.. and those booties (two seasons ago) are to die for.  We had just come off about 8 hours of church and then campus picnic..and I'm still not complaining!
When I know I have a full day- these are my go-to walking booties.

What about you?  Have any recs on some good 'not-so-mom' shoes/boots/heels?  I'm all ears!

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Aracely @ Mama Fashion Files said...

Super cute look, love the outfit and your hair looks fabulous.

Ashley Sanderson said...

I felt the same way about my hair when I got it cut this summer due to damage! I was in mourning at the loss of a couple inches, but MAN do prenatal vitamins make your hair beautiful! I should have been taking these babies LONG ago!! :)

Man and Wife and Two Fur Babies

Kelly said...

I am completely obsessed with those shoes! They would be perfect for me to wear to work since I'm on my feet 8+ hours a day. I have never seen a cute pair of Clarks before. Now I'm on a mission to find them! :)

Bri said...

I love your hair! But I am pretty sure you can have your hair any length and you will always have it looking nothing but fab ;) You look so cute girly..Those booties are sooo adorbs!

chantal said...

Yay for reviving WIWW! And I completely commiserate on the hair problem. I, too, did the whole hair chop about three months after my daughter was born.

Susanne said...

you are just the cutest thing! love your outfit posts. i have been online searching for those booties. is there a certain name for them or a number that's on the tag? anything that i could use to find them? they are adorable!

Maddie~The Whimsy One said...

I love your hair! and that top and those shoes, really love the shoes! You look great, lady!

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