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Pumpkin Patch Kids | 2013

After being rained out over the weekend, I was hoping for Evan Andrew's promised beautiful weather this week- and oh has he delivered!  I am diggin' this fall weather.

Monday afternoon me, daddy and the twin babies headed out up the street to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch 
The girls were such great sports- I was actually shocked at their contentment sitting in the wagon while we picked the perfect pumpkins.   Parker was in an exceptionally fowl mood from the moment she woke from her afternoon nap and the entire trip to the Patch.  I was a little nervous at how this was all going to pan out, to be honest. 
This just confirms that we for sure will have a wagon on their birthday/Christmas list. 
'Hiiiii pumpkins'  Waving 'hi' and 'bye' is a new trick we have recently perfected.  Blowing kissed is next on our list!
Sweet little beauty and her pumpkin
Precious JG.   Obsessing over these headbows from Two Little Bees Boutique.
Lead the way, Daddy!
That profile.  #puddle
We realized that Parker is terrified of grass/hay.  She is NOT having it.  Full on stiff arm/leg panic mode for this one. 

We found the perfect one!  Look at that stalk!  Its all about a healthy stalk in my opinion.

Surprisingly enough the girls sat quietly up until this moment- Jolie stood up briefly while daddy made silly faces at them. 
Jolie telling sister all about these big ol balls (pumpkins)

 Me and My little Punkins
sweater // gap * tank // gap * shorts (summer 2013) // loft * necklace // loft * watch // fossil * sunglasses // micheal kors
 After we got home, we chose a special place for our three pumpkins we picked at the Pumpkin Patch- Such a great afternoon with our littles!

Parker & Jolie's Outfit Credits

Candy Corn Legwarmers // c/o The Hair Bow Company
Onesies // Walmart (similar)

Totally loving those leg warmers??  The Hair Bow Company is an amazing resource for whole sale baby gear- including leg warmers, bloomers, hats, tutus, hairbows.  You name it- they probably have it.. and they are cheap, cheap, cheap!  We also have this ruffle butt pumpkin onesie- but it was a little too chilly that afternoon for bare baby arms.   

Right now all of their Halloween apparel is on clearance and they've brought out their Christmas goodies- and let me tell you.. I'm making my list! 

Now through October 18th you can use the discount code 'massey' and receive 10% off your purchase! 

Happy Fall ya'll!



Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

What amazing photos! I love their little outfits. So adorable! Pumpkin' patches are my favorite:)

Ali G said...

Such adorable photos!!!

Did you get your hair cut? It looks shorter, would love to see a pic! Your hair always looks soo cute!

AMCallahan said...

Those are the two cutest pumpkins in the entire bunch!!!!

Bri said...

LOVE them in their adorable pumpkin outfits! Looks like they had such a great time for their first pumpkin patch trip!

Unknown said...

Way too cute! :) I have the same onesie for Eli!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love all of these pictures, so great!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, these pictures are adorable! We just took our 11 month old apple and pumpkin picking last weekend and he had a blast. Sat right in the middle of the orchard and bit into his first whole apple! Of course I about had a heart attack because skin=choking hazard (!!!) but my husband took the skin off the apple and our little guy happily gummed it while we picked. It was that day that we too decided we need a red wagon. I love that places have them available to use!

Sarah Tucker said...

Oh, P & J! SO, so precious! Parker's profile is so stinkin' adorable!

Katie @ said...

How cute! Your girls are absolutely adorable! Love love love the candy corn leg warmers :)

New follower - looking forward to following along.

Have a great weekend! Katie

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