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Hippity, Hop

For the first time in history the Texas Rangers have made it to the ALCS and we got to go to a game!!    Some terrific friends of ours, or should I say firefighter family..are always falling into something awesome and never hesistating to bring the Massey's along.  Saturday after finishing my last day at Arlington Memorial Hospital- my sweet hubby picked me up and we headed out to the game to meet our friends in Suite 208B :)
I've been to plenty of Rangers games and never have I ever seen a crowd this big!  It was fun listening to thousands of people chant "Let's go Rangers, Let's go (Bomp, Bomp)!!"  Oh, and then the chant "Yankees SUCK."  That made me giggle after singing along. 

This was the view from our suite- never again will I do a sports game but in a suite, no matter what it is! 

 The ladies of Suite 208B- AHEM..that would be two suites down from Bon Jovi.  YES-Bon Jovi casually buying a margarita while the girls of 208B, mind you- with cameras and phones (with cameras), freak out while hugging him, but no picture for proof.  I promise, he was there ;)

 Yep, thats us- my fireman looking soooo sosososososoooo cute in red.  Don't tell him, he'll get a big head.

Allison and Me.  In all reality she could almost be my mother- but I adore this young-hearted woman to death.  I think it would have to be the whole I'm-married-to-an-immature-fireman thing that makes it easy to be close with someone almost twice my age.  Our husbands have been labeled the 'pretty boys', and are usually connected at the hip and being obnoxious.

 Kisses after a Ranger WINNNNNN!  There was insane cheering and high-fiving after every play- a homerun, or a base-hit.  Didn't matter to those Ranger fans what the team did.

That would be us, again.  This was taken with my iPhone camera, which I nearly dropped after taking this picture. "AmBERR, Thats enough with the pictures. FINE, JorDAN."
Cannot forget about the Texas game!  We had the TV going watching the Horns pull a win, too!

Sunday we met the future D-Ways at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Cowboys get penalty after penalty.  BOO.  And that last twelve seconds.  LAME 'Boys. 

 Me and Smash- Looking quite the beautiful Bride she is.

 After BWW with Ashley and Jarrett, we headed straight to Uncle Julio's to meet the newly wed Webb's for dinner.  We hadn't seen them since they left for their honeymoon- so it was fun to play catch up and hear all about the cruise they took over a three hour dinner.

It seems we played 'friend hop' well this past weekend!  Good times!  Rangers are bringing it back to Texas now, lets see about getting those World Series Tickets, ehh??  The Massey's are in, for sure. 

Now off to ice my cake- the Massey's are hosting Supper Club this Friday for the Cabrera's, Tapella's, and the future Dunaway's

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