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The Results Are In....

I have been waiting since I turned in my applications in February, and I am proud to announce that I am a PRESBY INTERN!!! I am beside myself, as I have been since I logged in this morning at 4am to see if I had been matched into a program. The results were in at 12:01am, but the site crashed! So I went to bed and woke again to check. Out of about one hundred applicants to this program, I was selected along with 7 other girls. The steps to becoming a Registered Dietitian are growing smaller and smaller :)

I am so thankful for my incredible support system. My best friends, family, and of course, Jordan. Everyone was so supportive, and kept reading draft, after draft, after draft of my personal letter and proofreading my application packet for mistakes. I thought they were going to kill me when I would email them with the subject line being 'This is the last one, PROMISE!'..and it definitly was not! Months of work and patience paid off. Thank you. You know who you are. (and who you are not.)

The computer screen congratulating me into my program!
Shelley and I @ work AKA future dietitians! She matched in the Stephen F. Austin program. Congrats to her!!



Jennifer said...

congratulations!!!! so happy for you! :)

Love, Dani said...


Chris and Angela Burnett said...

Now I know what you were waiting until 12:01 for! :) haha! Congrats! That is very exciting!

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