and Now..We Wait..

Finally the deadline for Internship Packet Applications has come and gone, and now..we wait until midnight on April 20th. VERY long hours were put into our applications for internship. You see, to become a Registered Dietitian you are not only required to have your 4-year degree in an accredited didactitc program at a university, but also, after you graduate, you must be selected for an internship consisting of at least 900 hours of practice. Generally this takes about 10 months. Anyway, internship..fine, easy does it, right? Wrong. For example, my number one place of choice is Baylor Hospital. There are about 150 applicants and they accept 8. My packet consisted of a two page personal letter, an 11 page application, and 5 letters of reccomendation, Blah. That was my simplest packet. I applied to 4 places..Baylor of Dallas, Presby Hospital of Dallas, Texas Tech University, and University of Central Oklahoma. The latter two, I would get my Masters in Nutrition, but, I would have to move by myself. Jordan and I discussed this very seriously, and it would be only about a year of our whole life, and, to us, it is worth the work and effort. We are praying for one of the ones in Dallas!

So our packets were turned in on Tuesday and our sweet friend Stephanie planned a celebratory dinner for us at Cafe VeraCruz for dinner. The Mango Margaritas and Mexican food was so yummy. Thanks Steph for a relaxing dinner with some of my favorites!

MKat, Steph, Shelley, Rachel, Lindsey, and Amber at Cafe VeraCruz


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