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Adventures with Auntie + Uncle J | Part II

Not everyone can say that they have amazing friends such as ours.  Ashley and Jarrett have been taking our kiddos as their own since they were wee babes - and by taking them, I mean keeping them overnight, bathing, feeding (even bottle feeding), caring, and playing with to exhaustion - all to return them to me in one piece the next day.  Last weekend Auntie and Uncle J took to girls while Jordan and I had a 'date night'..consisting of 3 hours of budget talks (we need a new car that fits three car seats!) and take out in front of a DVR'd Grey's Anatomy.  I have zero pictures of that fun - but you better believe I coaxed Ashley into taking 101 photos of the 24 hours they spent with P&J.
Ready for the photo dump? Its a whole lotta cute.
Checking out baby Grayson's nursery.  They are going to be amazing big sisters.  I thought that being a mom was so much fun in the first place - but thinking about how they are going to be with this little baby girl on the way brings a whole new pride into this mama's heart.
Also- make note that the super organized Ashley already has this baby's nursery 95% complete!  I felt accomplished when I finalized the plans for our nursery.. she has bookshelves. 
Books are lining the bookshelves.
hashtag what the heck.
Waiting for Uncle J to get home from the office.  First stop on the agenda is the park!

Onto the PARK!
The girls LOVE this park. They have been coming here since they could walk.
 ..and now they act like they own the place.

 The Wide Slide is their favorite.
Slides in general are the most fun part about this toddler life.
Slides and sunglasses.
 My favorite smiles!

 Uncle J's turn on the slide, and Parker thought he was hilarious. 

 I feel like I should blow this up into a canvas and hang it over my bed.  This sweet girl makes me laugh more than anyone I know.  She is constantly on fire for life.

Dinner on the patio! 
Chips + Salsa + Queso
Not to mention the required personal dipping bowls.
They've already one up'd me at this point.
Those glasses have yet to be removed from their face.
 After dinner it was back home for a bath.
Ash doesn't need a single thing for bath time - she's basically covered all the bases from having Parker and Jolie with them so often.
 Brushing Uncle J's hair.  H A I R
The girls are so obsessed with his bald head.
I laughed SO hard when I read this post on the gram yesterday and couldn't stop thinking about how the girls are with Jarrett.
 Movie time
 I got this silly selfie right before bed and I was oh-so appreciative.
 Staying up past their bedtime to finish Despicable Me
 Good morning!  The girls slept in extra late- even Uncle J was earlier to rise than they. 
The Sleepover Tradition of a trip to the donut store + cartoons.
..only this time these two can pound back a dozen donut holes each.
I told Jarrett that pretty soon he would have a couple more babies to tote in their short walk to the donut store on Saturday morning.
The girls always have an amazing time with these two sweet friends of ours - talking about it for days after the fact.  I always appreciate how well planned these toddler dates are, and after seeing the fun they have via pictures - it makes me a tad jealous as to what I'm missing out on.
Ash is pregnant now with Baby Grayson (due just a week before me!) and it will finally be my turn to take that little boy off their hands for an evening!
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Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh! Even I am jealous of their time! It looks so fun! I have yet to ever leave Sydney with anyone over night. But I have a feeling that now that we have moved back to Ga and are near family, it will be happening soon. I hope that, when we do, we will get constant picture updates f fun like is because my momma heart will b on the verge of having an attack if I have no idea what's going on. Lol
Your girls are seriously just so darn cute!

Unknown said...

Aw, so sweet and looks like they had so much fun! Auntie and Uncle know how to keep them busy! (Or maybe it's the other way around) ☺️

The Yarbrough's said...

What awesome friends!!!!! Can I borrow them?!?!? Ship them to NC asap!!!!!!

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