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WE EAT | Meal Planning Monday: What's for Dinner

Today marks the start of a week of busy.  Busy that puts us having dinner as a family just once (Tuesday).. and therefore my meal plan is rather boring and full of repeat offenders.  Breakfasts mostly consisting of frozen waffles, quick cook oats, cereal with cartoon characters on the box, and yogurt.  Lunch is whatever I can throw together in just a second - and may or may not look a whole lot like chicken nuggets and boxed macaroni and cheese.  I do have a farmer's season worth of strawberries and grapes in my fridge, but they will not make it though the end of the week.

We have a couple of frozen steaks I picked up at Costco last week thawing in the fridge, so Tuesday's dinner will be a hearty steak and potato kinda meal - for the hubby.  I'll personally be throwing my filet on a pile of salad greens and tossing it with extra salsa verde and salty crushed remains left at the bottle of the tortilla chip bag and calling it a Mexican Salad.  What the belly wants, the belly gets, yo.  Parker and Jolie will most likely follow suite of their mother, because for the love I cannot get them to eat and enjoy a single bite of mashed potatoes.  Weirdos. 
Who are these kids?

Whats for dinner this week?  I've got SEVEN easy peasy meal options your entire family will love.
don't be scared of the stirring! I promise you'll impress yourself.
OR any of the stuffed spuds from that post.  all of them are amazing and super cheap to make
my favorite meal of all time
another meatball favorite!
I could eat this of my pregnant life.
Hop, skip, jump over to Sydney's blog, Raising Southern Grace, where I'm sharing our story of heartache, struggle, and success:)  Happy Monday, sweet friends!



Unknown said...

What would you recommend to use as an egg substitute for the Meatloaf? I am nursing my little one and have had to remove dairy, soy, tree nuts and eggs because of his food intolerances.

Amber Massey said...

Lindsey- You could easily leave out the egg all together!I've used applesauce, actually, and the sweetness pairs perfectly with the sweet bbq sauce flavor of the meatloaf. For 1 eggs = 1/4 cup applesauce. If you leave the eggs out, use oatmeal as an option for the meatloaf instead of the saltines as it give better structure since you are leaving out the eggs all together.

Anonymous said...

Those mini pineapple bbq pizza's are the BOMB. We make them on tortilla wraps and pop 'em in the over for a few minutes and I'm in heaven.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the recipe ideas! This is my current loaded spud favorite. So delicious!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the recipe ideas! This is my current loaded spud favorite. So delicious!

Amanda said...

Love the photos...and my kids are total weirdos as well. Mashed potatoes are are naps. Get with it, kids! :)


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