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Thankful * Fall Photo Shoot 2013

This year I cannot express how thankful I am.  Thankful for the life that I have been given.  The most amazing husband and father to my two baby girls.. and for this very first thanksgiving as a family of four.  This time last year I was hooked to the monitors at Presby Plano getting a stress test and checking in on my growing girls while my mother in law as at my house basting a turkey in my oven.  If I thought I was thankful last year, God has sure showed me.   

This man. His love for My Savior.  His unconditional love for me.  Oh.. and the way he loves our daughters.  It is indescribable the emotion that blankets my heart when I think/talk/brag about him.  He has always been a pretty awesome guy, but took it up a notch when I went on strict bed rest at 26 weeks.    After the girls were born I couldn't imagine doing this parenting gig with anyone other than him.

So thankful.
I am thankful for the joy that is my life.  There once was a period of time in my life when I was in a dark place.  Confusion, questions, (unofficial) depression consumed my everyday.  When I finally decided that these problems were not up to me to solve on my own- I left it to the Lord and the darkness went away.  Literally.  Saved again.  It only took me years to figure that out..

Sure, I still get down just as everyone does, but my life is filled with blessings that I forget to be thankful for or acknowledge on a daily basis.    

So thankful.

Pure joy.  100%

I am thankful for the health and well being of these girls.  Parker and Jolie required a little effort on momma's part to keep them put while I was pregnant, yes, but so worth it.  Parker and Jolie were born early, yes, but so healthy.  They were tee-ninsy, yes.. but fierce.   Over the course of these last 11 months I have been able to witness the most amazing milestones experience by these two.  Before becoming a mother I didn't understand how cool this all was until I got to do it for myself.  Yes, babies roll over/crawl/pull up/walk- so neat. Babies say their first words- love it.  But the joy that tingles from my head to the tips of my fingers when I see these babies reach a milestone for the first time is out of control.

So thankful.  

Thankful for their silly demeanors.  It is an all day everyday circus in the Massey house with these two!

So thankful.
3 ring. Parker is a silly girl and I am so thankful for her love for me.  She is such a momma's girl and I can't even tell you how much I LOVE it.
So thankful for this laid back baby girl.  You can't pull anything that this girl won't find humor in.
This is my family.  I love this picture- it depicts our crazy family to a 'T'.

I have so much to be thankful for- my thank you speech is a mile long.. but today I am most thankful for my family.  God has blessed us is a complete understatement.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friends.



Christmas Wishlist | The Gent

My husband does not shop for himself.  EVER.  He receives additions to his wardrobe twice a year.. birthday and Christmas.  Literally. The boy has buyers remorse like no one else I know.  A couple years back I decided that I was no longer going to give him gift cards to purchase an item of his choice.  That year he took 365 days to pick out a pair of jeans.  I mean.. the money has already been spent, buddy.  Take the plunge!

The Gent's list is close to the same every year.  Clothes, clothes, the occasion pair of sunglasses, and every couple years he asks for cologne.  Oh, and clothes.

Pique Polo- Tall  Jordan has the torso of an iguana so the tall option is his BFF.  Think Randall of Monsters Inc.  Banana Republic (and JCrew, too!) offers their shirts in tall online, so don't you know I do most of my shopping for my Gent via the www.  He probably has this shirt in every color- every season I pray for new colors in hopes to find him yet another super soft and oh-so-comfy collar shirt.
iTunes Gift Card Because the boy likes to buy practical $14 apps for his phone.  Can I just get a couple of the $1 apps?  Makes a $25 gift card go a long way :)
Long Sleeve Crew- Tall It can be 33 degrees out and Jordan would rather be in short sleeves- until this shirt walked under the tree.  Bright colors (and comes in a tall!) and breathable enough for my hot-natured hubby to wear long sleeves indoors.
Life Proof Case Being a firefighter, Jordan has quiet a few run-ins with a water hose.  Being a daddy to twins, Jordan as quiet a few run-ins with baby drool.  Times two.  So far his phone still produces sound, clear picture, and no water damage.. err.. drool damage.  Good enough for me!
Slippers I'm more of a slouchy winter sock kinda gal while Jordan is all about his house shoes.  Never do we ever travel without them.  These slippers from LL Bean are of bison leather and keeps your toes extra toasty with heir shearling lining.  Paying the extra $$ for these slippers is tots worth it.
Broken in Tee Again- same speech as above with the Pique Polo from BR.  It is the most comfortable tee and such high quality- he looks 'dressed' up without the stiff feeling.  Jordan has never been a collared shirt and loafers kind of guy, so these tees are perfect for his style.
Diesel Fuel For Life  LOVE this cologne.  Jordan has been wearing it a couple years now and I hope he wears it forever.

That wraps up these Three Ladies and our Gent's Christmas wish list for 2013.  I feel like we went through that way to quick.  Perhaps.. if you feel so led, you could take a gander back to the first post- MY Christmas wish list:)



Christmas Wishlist | Little Ladies

Since the girls' birthday is so close to Christmas, this 'wish list' can really be a combination of the two  celebrations.  And.. lets just keep it real.  This list is by no means what Parker and Jolie wish for.  It is what their {crazy-brained} mother wishes them to have/enjoy/play with.  Could their mother be more excited about birthday/Christmas for them this year than P&J actually understand?  Its a possibility.

Judge away.

Radio Flyer Wagon We actually purchased this on a whim last weekend while we were heading into Walmart to do our weekly shopping.  We saw another {awesome} momma wheeling it out to her car.. talk about impulse purchase.  It was on the 'must-have' list for the girls ever since we took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch and they sat perfectly content in the wagons there.  We had no plans to buy it that day- but thanks to that lady with the Flyer we made the purchase.  Walmart could totally hire someone to walk in and out of their doors with merchandise and make a killing on those saucer eyed shoppers.
Pop Up Teepee Pop Up Teepee: $30.  200 plastic balls: $40.  The squeals and giggles of two baby girls: priceless.  
Little People Disney Princess Castle While playing with some of our friends {that happen to be boys..} Parker and Jolie were really into the play tower and little people that went along with it.  They would totally love this thing!  Its a little more on the girlie side than the race cars- but they wouldn't mind a difference at this age.  
Bead Maze Cube We also picked one of these up for the girls after watching them play hard with one similar at the doctors office.
Leap Frog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket  Parker and Jolie are really into sharing and bringing things to you- and they especially feel fabulous about themselves when you tell them 'thank you' or 'good job' in your most enthusiastic voice.  Food has been the most recent sharable.  If they are eating Cheerios, well, so are you.  Seems only fit to give these babies some {plastic} food, right?    
Wooden Chunky Puzzle Another activity we became interested in while playing with friends.  Parker's love of stacking and putting things in its place has not subsided, so puzzles are next on our list.  These in particular have the big wooden knob for a baby/toddler to grasp when piecing it together.

It wouldn't be a wish list without clothing and accessories, now would it?  They are my little ladies after all, you know.

Tiny TOMS Because nothing is sweeter than Tiny TOMS.  Ok.. maybe the Tiny TOMS on tiny baby feet.  Swoon.
Sweater Dress  I love a good sweater dress, and of course, so do Parker and Jolie.  This one is so super cute and soft, too!    
Pom-Pom Hat My girls have no hats {fail} and the weather has been pretty chilly these days.  Throw a pom on anything and its precious.  Plus, I am inadvertently developing an outfit here.. I can't even.  
Comfy Tee While I die when my girls are in the prettiest of dresses, something comfy is just as cute.  I am not into the character clothing.. or the super baby pink pink pink.  I do have girls, but they can wear other colors.  And they do!  This top is casual, but can be dressed up with the perfect bow and jegging.
Jameson Monroe Speaking of the perfect bow.. among my favorite places to buy from is JM.  I am definitely into the bows on my babies' heads.  I mean- The girls have two Thanksgiving bows.  Definitely necessary.  No outfit is complete without a bow from JM {or any of my other favorites} slapped on P&J's head.    
Leggings  Do these come in my size?  Obsessed with the print..and obsessed with the price! Carter's is really stepping up their game with this season's clothes.  Diggin' the boutique style of some of their items.
Jammies I recently discovered my obsession with baby jammies.  After looking at my Gap shopping cart.. and Carters.. and Target..  95% of the cart is jammies.  I suppose that my babies do need to have wearable attire when going outside the house.  But jammies are just too darn sweet!  
Minnetonka Shearling Boots Like mother like daughter{s}.  Totally sharing my love for Minnetonka with my minis!

Last but not least.. our perfect Gent and his wish list is whats to come!


Christmas Wishlist | The Lady

33 days.  {what.} thirty-three days away from my most favorite holiday on the planet {Thanksgiving is a close second}.  Santa make an appearance {literally} on 3 out of 3 commercials.  Almost makes me want to skip my DVR'd shows to catch a glimpse of that jolly old man.  

I said almost.

Jordan and I have talked about doing something practical this year and purchase something that we need for the house.  We need so desperately a new set of dishes.  When we got married we just pieced together what we had from before and never really bought a nice everyday set.  I take that back.. I remember as I'm typing this that at Walmart about 4 years ago we got 8 plates and 8 bowls for like $25.  We are down to 3 plates and two bowls- eek!  Even though we are opting this route for Christmas monies- I still have a list.  I always have a list.  

So, whats on my list this year??  Too much {per the usual}, but here are my top picks for Christmas 2013.

Sydney Small Zip Pouch When toting the twinsies, it is unfeasible for me to carry an oversized bag in addition to the diaper bag.  Currently, I have a small clutch that is big enough to hold my wallet, phone, and a couple lip glosses.  Toss and go.  How many of you mommas can relate?  This zip pouch would be the perfect 'upgrade'
The Boyfriend Pant This is my all time favorite piece of clothing- ever.  I ordered these on a whim about 5 years ago when they happened to be on sale for something insane like $12.  That same pair has been worn down to shreds {literally- the hem at the bottom of both pant legs is completely gone} and holes.. in the rear.  I had them on the other day and as I was making my coffee, Jordan politely asked me if that was a hole??  YES, Jordan.  Shut it.  I have another pair that I requested for Christmas the year before last and those have held up well- considering I wear them 4 days of the week.  The other 3 days I wear the hole-y shreds.  They are amazing.  Bottom line: get you a pair.
Tribal Fringe Sweater: As you learned this week: I love me a good boyfriend sweater.  This one is perfection.  I've got many outfits in mind for this sweater and it isn't even in my closet yet!  
Supersoft Wideneck Tee Gap has come a long way from their once box-tops and high waisted denim. I used to steer clear because nothing ever fit me right at all!  These days it is one of my favorite places to shop!  I doesn't get much better than their supersoft tees.  Of wait.. It does.  It want this sweet little comfy number in both the navy and the red!
Grace and Lace Aztec legwarmers: I am pretty much obsessed with boot socks and leg warmers, and these Aztec ones are way too cute.  There is something about the boot sock 'peek' that takes and outfit from cute to 'pin'-worthy. How I don't already have some if beyond me!  Take layering to whole new level by wearing these over skinny jeans or leggings with your favorite pair of boots.  Adorable, and perfect to keep warm!
Sequin Striped Infinity Scarf Sequin.  Glitter.  Glam.  Pretty.  Enough said. The very best way to dress up a casual tee-shirt and TOMS.
Minnetonka Calf High Double Fringe Wedge Boots This boot perfection has been in my Zappos shopping cart for like two months.  I always need a new pair of boots.  ALWAYS.  Swoon.
Legging Cords My closet is a great representation of my love affair with cords.  I have 5 pair.  I need these, too.  Building an outfit here, people.  Thinking these cords would be the greatest compliant to the Tribal Fringe Sweater.. 
Fossil Stella Multifunction Leather Watch I think I ask for a new watch every single Christmas.  Its all about the arm candy, ladies.  Two words: Rose. Gold. My favorite!  I like the look of the leather band for something different.  I have mostly metal bands and about every color of of those cheap-o $6 rubber watches you can get at Sam Moon or places similar.   I like that you can switch out the bands- I'm dying over the mint with gold polka dots.

Next up- the Little Ladies and their {read: my} wish list! What about you?  Would love to hear about whats on your list for this year:)




Friends.  BEST of friends, really.  These girls love each other so much and it shows on a daily basis.  I LOVE and wallow in the simple fact that my girls will always have each other.
 jammies / babyGap
The constant chitter chatter and giggles coming from these two 94% of the time- my heart bursts from my chest as I sit back and watch.

..and then there are other times.  The other 6% I did not mention before.  Not-so-sweet Jolie brings out the not-so-sweet Parker and screams, shrills, screeches, and eventually, alligator tears result in this game of tease and take away from sister.  They both play this game with a snide look on their face- and last night Parker was the victim of Jolie's silly shenans. 

Jolie has recently taken interest in Parker's prized monkey.  Just as Parker has suddenly decided she wants a Puppy of her own. 
 This doesn't often bode well with the opposite little. 

You can imagine the end result of this one.  Who pulled the dramatic water works and who looked at me with her tweety bird eyes in complete innocence.

Frenemies or not, there will always be two.  Two that I could never tire of molding, teaching, guiding, and loving for the rest of my days.



WIWW: l o v e Sweater Weather

Well.  I thought sweater weather was for sure here to stay.  A persnickety Mother Nature had better plans of her own and slung temps up to the 80s over the weekend.

Good news is that more sweater weather is in the forecast- and I have a mean Crock Pot Taco Soup planned for this weekend- definitely welcoming the predicted 46 degrees.

Don't let me down, weather man.  

I have a super obsession with a good chunky sweater.  Any kind, really- as long as its huge and bulky and keeps me warm. 
Boyfriend cardigans are my favorite and I think this one is a distant cousin.  I originally abbreviated boyfriend sweater with BS.. and then I thought I should keep it PG.     
I'll never forget the day I got this sweater.. I was 8 months pregnant and restricted to the bed.  But lets be honest- If I was allowed to move, I wouldn't have.  It was a breath-taking ordeal to simply roll over.


My sweet Mother-in-Law brought this sweater over as a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law in hopes that I would be interested in it before it went to the donation pile.  Well- ya!  I immediately put it on..and to my disappointment it wasn't quiet big enough.  Duh.

Why did I do that to myself?
Stay right there, Jolie.  Don't move.. no, Jolie!
sweater / hand-me-down // necklace // trade show // undershirt / gap // skinny jeans / loft

Totally random story- but thats the one behind this sweater:) There isn't a tag, so I haven't a clue where it came from.  The pants are my 'go-to'  super skinny jean from LOFT this season.  LOVE them, and I don't ever wear black!  The undershirt- 11 months postpartum and I confess to still be wearing my maternity tops.  These are so good (and stretchy) for nursing!  Because they are maternity they retain their shape and don't get stretched out when its time to feed the girls.

Oh..and in case you forgot about those boots- they're back {almost everyday}

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