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Christmas Wishlist | The Lady

33 days.  {what.} thirty-three days away from my most favorite holiday on the planet {Thanksgiving is a close second}.  Santa make an appearance {literally} on 3 out of 3 commercials.  Almost makes me want to skip my DVR'd shows to catch a glimpse of that jolly old man.  

I said almost.

Jordan and I have talked about doing something practical this year and purchase something that we need for the house.  We need so desperately a new set of dishes.  When we got married we just pieced together what we had from before and never really bought a nice everyday set.  I take that back.. I remember as I'm typing this that at Walmart about 4 years ago we got 8 plates and 8 bowls for like $25.  We are down to 3 plates and two bowls- eek!  Even though we are opting this route for Christmas monies- I still have a list.  I always have a list.  

So, whats on my list this year??  Too much {per the usual}, but here are my top picks for Christmas 2013.

Sydney Small Zip Pouch When toting the twinsies, it is unfeasible for me to carry an oversized bag in addition to the diaper bag.  Currently, I have a small clutch that is big enough to hold my wallet, phone, and a couple lip glosses.  Toss and go.  How many of you mommas can relate?  This zip pouch would be the perfect 'upgrade'
The Boyfriend Pant This is my all time favorite piece of clothing- ever.  I ordered these on a whim about 5 years ago when they happened to be on sale for something insane like $12.  That same pair has been worn down to shreds {literally- the hem at the bottom of both pant legs is completely gone} and holes.. in the rear.  I had them on the other day and as I was making my coffee, Jordan politely asked me if that was a hole??  YES, Jordan.  Shut it.  I have another pair that I requested for Christmas the year before last and those have held up well- considering I wear them 4 days of the week.  The other 3 days I wear the hole-y shreds.  They are amazing.  Bottom line: get you a pair.
Tribal Fringe Sweater: As you learned this week: I love me a good boyfriend sweater.  This one is perfection.  I've got many outfits in mind for this sweater and it isn't even in my closet yet!  
Supersoft Wideneck Tee Gap has come a long way from their once box-tops and high waisted denim. I used to steer clear because nothing ever fit me right at all!  These days it is one of my favorite places to shop!  I doesn't get much better than their supersoft tees.  Of wait.. It does.  It want this sweet little comfy number in both the navy and the red!
Grace and Lace Aztec legwarmers: I am pretty much obsessed with boot socks and leg warmers, and these Aztec ones are way too cute.  There is something about the boot sock 'peek' that takes and outfit from cute to 'pin'-worthy. How I don't already have some if beyond me!  Take layering to whole new level by wearing these over skinny jeans or leggings with your favorite pair of boots.  Adorable, and perfect to keep warm!
Sequin Striped Infinity Scarf Sequin.  Glitter.  Glam.  Pretty.  Enough said. The very best way to dress up a casual tee-shirt and TOMS.
Minnetonka Calf High Double Fringe Wedge Boots This boot perfection has been in my Zappos shopping cart for like two months.  I always need a new pair of boots.  ALWAYS.  Swoon.
Legging Cords My closet is a great representation of my love affair with cords.  I have 5 pair.  I need these, too.  Building an outfit here, people.  Thinking these cords would be the greatest compliant to the Tribal Fringe Sweater.. 
Fossil Stella Multifunction Leather Watch I think I ask for a new watch every single Christmas.  Its all about the arm candy, ladies.  Two words: Rose. Gold. My favorite!  I like the look of the leather band for something different.  I have mostly metal bands and about every color of of those cheap-o $6 rubber watches you can get at Sam Moon or places similar.   I like that you can switch out the bands- I'm dying over the mint with gold polka dots.

Next up- the Little Ladies and their {read: my} wish list! What about you?  Would love to hear about whats on your list for this year:)



Unknown said...

Honestly, my list has been getting so long I can't even remember what I've put on it. I do know there are a pair of velvet pants from LOFT that I'd really like to have, along with a white blouse with pearl "bedazzled" collar.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness...completely random but I just have to share this with someone. I was just watching the Today show and they just featured these new socks called Key Socks. I don't know how often you wear flats or anything but I wear them all the time and HATE when I can't wear socks. I don't like the way it makes my feet feel...ANYWAY check out the product. Just ordered a pair, so smart.

Unknown said...

Did you watch Grace & Lace on Shark Tank (on ABC I believe) tonight?? They've come a long way since their beginning!!

Sarah Smith said...

I just bought 2 pairs of the legging cords! LOVE- especially at 50% off! I pretty much love everything on your wishlist! I'm asking for a Fossil watch as well, and a couple sweaters from Gap and Loft! The list just seems to keep growing- if only my husband was as easy to shop for!!

Katie said...

i'd happily take everything on that list :)

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