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Deeku's Big Day

Finally the day has come! Stephanie's wedding has been a long awaited, exciting, drama filled event. It didn't seem like it was EVER going to get here..but when the time finally arrived- it was a whirlwind. I'm speaking from a person on the outside, I can imagine how it was for Deeks!

So, on a side note- I call Stephanie 'Deeku' and 'Deeku' Stephanie..they are the same girl :) Steph is Indian (a Christian) and in that culture a name is given outside of your 'normal' name. Sooo, to Stephanie's family, and her closest friends, she is Deeku. Just thought I would clarify.

A going away party. Rikin, her future hubby, is a GI Fellow at a hospital in Chicago. (Another best friend is leaving me!) They will be back, she says!

Us, together again! :)
The girls at the party. I'm so glad this picture is semi distant..My makeup was all smudged and cried off by this point- after gifts, and speeches from the sisters and momma- whew, it was an emotional night.
THE WEDDING! November 14th, 2009: Westin Hotel, Dallas
Jasmine, 'Jammu'- Steph's youngest sister
Irene, 'Galu'- Steph's older sister
Sister's Reading of the Bible
Me and my hubby :) I always get all sappy when we go to weddings..reminds me of our day and solidifies the best decision I ever made.
Miss them! Mary Katherine, Me, Ashley (new RD!), Rachel, and Shelley (She came back from SFA internship, so good to see her!!!)
Shells Bells, MKat, and Me
add Racheeeee
True Indian food- pretty darn delicious!! oh, and a lone pasta station for the white folk. I didn't get any pasta ;)
Dessert- a VERY sweet rice and carrot pudding. There was beautiful cake, too!
The newly married couple- Patel's and Massey's
All of us with the Bride. Love her.
Deeku is now in Chicago being a married woman to her doctor husband. I am so jealous of Rikin because he gets to have Deeks all to himself! I miss her- but, already have my plane ticket in the works to make a trip to Chicago! :) Move over Rikin!

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Sam said...

Chicago is very close to home, about 4 hrs......!?!?!?!! :) We could finally meet!

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