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Weekend in Pictures

...and there are a lot of them.  Some weekends I completely fail at documenting our time together and then some weekends I end up taking a bazillion pictures and can basically share a picture for every moment of the day.  So.  I'll start with the moment we woke on Saturday.  

Saturday we spent the morning at a park close to home with our sweet friends Stella + JD to celebrate Will's second birthday!  The weather was absolutely beautiful so sharing donuts and coffee while the kiddos played was just perfect.  
Daddy missed the memo on the stripes, I guess..
Parker kept talking about 'birthday tiiiiiime!' and was so insistent about helping Will unwrap his presents.  Jolie was there for the 'pink donuts'.
Hardly able to get these two to sit still for one minute!  
 piggie clips c/o the trendy turtle // flannel / h+m // sunglasses / tj maxx
 This girl on the other hand slept soundly in Andrea's arms.
bow / a little lady shop // top / gap (similar)
 the sweetest little bootie.  It is amazing how much she has grown- and then I see her little legs and tiny nose and quickly realize that yes she's still a little thing.  
leggings / hen + co
 The beautiful Stella.  Over the last several months our families have grown close and I truly adore my time with her.
a f t e r  the party we ran home for a quick lunch and then headed out to meet our Supper Club friends.  Every year St. Ann's hosts a carnival and its a pretty big deal for Coppell residents.  Since dinner this month was hosted by the Tapella's, the girls texted out about heading to the carnival first before dinner.  The first ride we saw as we walked up to the entrance was 'the lady bug' and Parker was giddy about getting on.  I was so impressed and SO ready to have some fun with my girls! 
Mama rode with Parker..
 ..and Auntie rode with Jolie.  I think that girl in the back might have been riding alone.  
Is she laughing or crying?  I suppose we will never know.
 Next up was the fun slide.  I think Jolie's squeals were louder than my own!
 There was a kids tent, too!  Parker and Jolie went fishing, bobbed for rubber duckies, got a couple tattoos, and of course there was candy.  
The last stop- face painting.  I was really interested to see how the twins were going to do with it once they sat in the chair.  Last year when I tried to paint their face for halloween they were having NOTHING to do with it.  I hoped this time would be different!  
We talked about what they wanted painted on their face and Parker was really excited to be a tiger and after seeing the little girl in front of her get an Elsa crown there was no going back for Jolie.
 My Queen Elsa and roaring tiger! The sweet woman that painted their face did SO good.  Parker wouldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror and Jolie was going on and on about her Frozen princess crown and the jewel on her head.  They make me SO happy!
 Parker was really into the fact that she was a tiger.  I took a ton of pictures and every single picture Parker has her mouth is wide open. every.single.picture.  She was 'whisper roaring' and cracking me up!
Jolie be like "Yes, Parker.  We get it.  You're a tiger."
Sweet girls are still talking about their face-painting today.  I loved that they were about to experience that and had so much fun with it! 
 Our crew.  Not even 5 years ago we were a group of 8 adults getting together once a month for dinner.  We shared late nights, wine, whiskey (sometimes too much wine and whiskey), laughter, and lots of food.  We just welcomed number 14 & 15 (Grayson and Baker) and baby number 16 is due in November.  These are some of my very favorite people and my closest friends.  Life has changed so dramatically for all of us, but we still keep it together.
The big kids got their faces painted and in case you cant totally see.. they were all flippin' precious!
Parker/lion - Jolie/queen elsa - Landon/dalmatian puppy - Jacob/clown
Dinner time!  
We paraded back down the street to the Tapella's for dinner..  The weather was perfect!  Still a little warm in the sun, but in the shade it was great.
 We were all starving and so excited for dinner- take out!  Supper Club doesn't always have to be homemade and can be low maintenance.  We ordered from a local Mexican place and had yummy fajitas.  
The kid's table keeps growing and growing.  They will all actually sit there and eat together while the adults sit at the 'big' table.  How things have changed! The sweetest little babes you ever did see.
When SC falls on a birthday month we ALWAYS celebrate!  September is my birthday month and for my birthday cake Jacqueline made this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake .  
Hello delicious and hellloo fall!   
Last year Jacqueline made my birthday cake, too!  I love celebrating life milestones with these people.
s u n d a y 
Daddy was at the fire station and me and these girls hung out at home, ate dinner, and snuggled until it was their bed time. Cowboys v. Giants for the season opener and it was a heck of a game!  The last minute of the game I was bouncing around the living room silent-yelling (roaring??) at the television.  
How'bout them Cowboys??!
I hope you all had a great weekend. We have a FULL week ahead, so here's to a great start!


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