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One Week-ish

Its been just one week since we've made our way home from the hospital, and honestly I cannot express how 'smooth' its been since introducing this new baby girl that makes our family of five.
Texts, emails, messages.. all wishing us well in hopes for an easy transition, and well, I keep waiting for it to blow up in my face because it is going really well.  
The twins adore 'Baker Baby' more than I can even express into words.  We spend a good part of our day talking about that little babe, and most of the talking is actually kissing and smothering hugging Baker.  Since being home, we have been relatively busy..we didn't skip a beat after our hospital discharge last Wednesday, and I'm sort of thankful for that.  Thursday was nice to just be at home after spending 5 days in the hospital away from our sweet 'big' girls, but with two toddlers in the house, it was evident that by the end of the day they were ready to be out.  Like, out, out.
And I was exhausted.  
 Our days have consisted of snuggles and more snuggles and lots of naps in between before we made time to get out of the house for a little bit
 Dinner at the Dunaway's was our first 'outing' as a family of five.  We ordered thai take-out and spent the evening lounging with the newbie parents and their sweet little buddy, Grayson.
 ..and more snuggles.
I about died when I put on Parker and Jolie's preemie jammies on Baker.  That sleeper is my favorite and the twins wore it all the time.  Newborn clothes swallow her up - and I was thankful to have held on to those teeny preemie items the girls wore for the first month after they were born.
All the feels, ya'll.
 ..and naps.
Oh, but you know, there is always the dress up of that tiny dancer.  I forgot how baby things are just way, way precious.

 Baker is not a huge crier.  She fusses, because hello she's a newborn, but really it's when she's hungry and when she needs a new diaper, but her fussiness is better described as grunts and whines than real crying.  It is also the cutest thing you've ever heard.  Diaper changes are not her favorite (!!!) but once she gets a dry diaper on her bum, she is silent and very interested in her surroundings. 
She sleeps 3-4 hours at night between feedings and wakes me with these grunts I speak of.. 
As far as night time goes - we are all sleeping pretty well.  She eats, and gets a clean diaper all in about 30-45 minutes and goes right back to sleep.  
Can I just say what an enormous difference it is to breastfeed one baby?
I remember with the twins it would be an hour and a half of me and Jordan awake together to feed the twins and then awake again a hour and a half later.  
So- this time around I am feeling like it is pretty breezy. I think we've approached that two week growth spurt- her nursing sessions are lasting a bit longer and the time in between is shorter. 
 Saturday we headed out to do the last minute shopping we had planned for the week prior until Baker made her own plans for us.  We just needed a handful of items, but it was still fun - Target is always a safe place.
I also tried out my new Solly Baby Wrap - and after watching the videos a couple times and with the help of Jordan we got her situated while we strolled the baby aisles.  
Its amazing how exhausting a short trip like that can be.  
Sister love.  LOTS of sister love.
 We met Brittany in the neighborhood earlier this week for Baker's newborn pictures and I cannot wait to get them back! The twins cooperated as best as 2.5 year olds could, and Baker slept sweetly after the first half hour of observing her surroundings.  
She was so enthused by the sounds of being outside and was WIDE awake.
Again with the teeny baby dress up:)
 more sleeps..
 ...being 10 days old is just the sleepiest.
 On Wednesday we went for Baker's first pediatrician appointment at 11 days old.  The twins were glad to be there for Baker and not themselves.
She left the hospital a week earlier at 6 pounds 8 ounces and when she was weighed at the doctor she was 7 pounds 4 ounces.  Yippee!  I was so excited to have her well above birth weight before that two week mark.   
 Big sisters keeping their littlest sister company while we waited on Dr. Butler.
 Daddy talks.  His love for our girls makes my heart swell.  I have this exact same picture of he and the twins at one of their monthly pedi checkups.
We left the appointment with doctor praises and first sight of baby rolls (please can she be a chunky monkey?), with instructions to return at her one month birthday.
We made a few more stops before home - and she slept the entire time.
 Sister snuggles.  More of them.  Over and over and over.  
We have made it a habit this week to pile into our bed first thing in the morning with coffee for daddy and me and smoothies for Parker and Jolie.. and DVR'd Bubble Guppies.
It is my favorite part of the day.   
 As this week ends and we quickly approach her second week of life, I cannot thank the sweet Lord enough for how life has been for us these last 13 days.  Baker has been the perfect addition, and her big sisters have played their role beautifully.  They continue to impress me every single day with how well they have taken to this wild transition. 
The bond they have created and the excitement they have over their new baby sister just keeps me glowing with mother pride.  
Heres to the end of the first week.  I cant wait for an eternity of weeks with my family of five.  



Diabolical Kitten said...

I just started following your blog and I must say, your family is adorable! Congratulations on the new baby! So cute!

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Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness! She is just so perfect! My heart swells for you reading this post! I mean, you all look so happy! It is amazing to hear how well the girls are doing with the transitions! I knew they would be the best big sisters to their adorable baby sis.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Oh man, how adorable is your little princess? And the cutest big sisters too! Loving all your transition pics, and you are rocking this momma! Nothing better than a non crier :)

Jen Klares said...

Precious!! Congratulations again! <3

Dana said...

What a beautiful family you have! Baby Baker is precious!!

Kelly said...

So sweet............congrats

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