Summer Favorites: The Lady

Summer. I know we are well on our way into August, but its still 108 here on any given day. But then again, we've been hitting a random 79 degrees (like today..). I have been living in a few key staples of clothing these last few months and had such a great response the last time I did something like this, so we are long overdue!

Loft Denim.  I own multiple pairs of jeans, shorts, skirts.. they all do great things for my bod.  I choose the Modern fit, but they also have the Julie fit (which sits higher on the waist).  The Modern Skinny in all wash shades are my favorite.  I've been bouncing between wearing the dark denim this season with brightly colored tops, and switching it up with the white denim.. again, with bright tops.  I feel like I have so much coral in my life right now.  I also have brought it into Parker and Jolie's life as well.

NOTE: Don't be afraid of the white denim.  These Loft skinnies give great shape and offer a fun detail to the pant leg with the side zipper.
While we are talking denim.. and Loft.. How amazing is this?

Just couldn't help myself.

Gap.  Gap you never let me down.  These Skinny Mini Skimmer Khakis (I have 4 pair) are my absolute favorite on this planet.  Gap always, always has a great sale, so when you can catch these discounted, go ahead and scoop up every single color.  Just do it. They fit true to size for me personally but the leg of the pant is very skinny.  I have what the technical term would call 'bird legs', so I would try these on for your self to decide if you need to size up or not.

Shorts.  3 inch. 4 inch. 6 inch.  Boyfriend.  High waist (NOT for this momma)
Which do you prefer??

For me its all about the 3inch chino.  My personal favorites come from Loft and J.Crew.  I can find a steal of a deal on these chino shorts at the factory story and not to mention that they are nearly always on sale.  I have a surreal love for sale items.

I bought these chino shorts from Loft last summer in every color they came in.  I worked there for like half a second 2 years ago (part time) and then realized I was working to feed my shopping habits for that place.

The Boyfriend shorts are another option to go with.  Longer in length, and looser fitting than the chino.  These are 100% NON-mom shorts.
..and then there is camo.  

Just a little bonus of a few obsessions I may have right now.  I saw that MK bag while window shopping this last weekend.  I need a new 'MOM' bag.  I'm over the diaper bag.  holla if ya hear me?
When I figure out what mom bag I get, I plan to share what I actually mean when I say MOM bag. 
That camo skirt, tho.  I need it in my life, like yesterday.  I'd totally throw this top with it..

..and these shoes.. {swoon}

..and what about my favorite scarf ever..?  I seriously wear scarves all year round, and this one is hands down my favorite.  It comes in every color you can think of.. but I think the green does something for this camp and orange combo, do you think? I'd throw this scarf in oxblood or the charcoal with that shirt dress above.
They are 2 for $38, so you technically can't just buy one.  They are amazing.  Trust.

Is it too early to start making my Christmas list?  I DO actually have an anniversary as well as a {30th} birthday before then.  I'll get to work on those.


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