Parker & Jolie | 17 Months

Parker and Jolie are officially toddlers.  Why I say 17 months equals them reaching this milestone isn't because I read it in a book (because I didn't), it is because this stage we are in is like nothing their daddy and I have ever experienced.  Frustrations (and tantrums) and difficulties (and disobedience) are coupled with joy, amazement, and more fun than I ever thought this parenting gig would be.  If ever I thought I was proud - I had yet to be a momma.  

Parker Jane-
Boo Bear, you've got me this month.  
..30 days in a row that I have said out loud or thought to myself that I was looking in a mirror.
While I can still officially call you a "momma's girl", you've definitely warmed up to your daddy this month.
..and he's a puddle.  A deep one.
You're (daily) daddy-daughter dances are the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
..it doesn't matter the beat thats playing, a slow sway and snuggles into your daddy's neck are where its at.

You're contagious laugh is ALWAYS credited with a head toss and an open mouth.
..a mouth full of teeth.  5 molars, 4 front top teeth, and three on the bottom, with another working its way through.

Your demeanor started to mold and change last month.
..and this month you have become this sweet little helper.
Sweeping, mopping, dusting, pulling weeds, and above all throwing things away, anything you can 'do', you will.
..right down to the smallest speck on the ground, you girl, you will find it.  

On the opposite hand, you have become hilariously defiant.  
..you find humor in all things that can get you in trouble.
Let me tell you, it takes everything I have not to laugh.
You'll walk close to the dog bowl of water and raise your eyebrows as you look at me.
..and move close to the fire place, with a quick peek over your shoulder to see who is watching.
And then comes the crumbling to the floor in hysterics because you've been 'caught'.
..your giggles are out of control cute, and the 'ohh' face you've practically patented as Parker's.
Good grief, Boo.

We've got a few new words, although I can't say I'm that enthused. 
.."NO!" is a favorite.  You say it a lot. It comes out more like Noooooo in your deepest baby voice.
Crazy cute!
..and thank the sweet Lord that it doesn't follow every babble that comes out of your mouth.  
In other topics of words: Go, Ball, Sister, Dog, Mom, Dad, and Hi.
..but you babble like there is no tomorrow.  Hand gestures, and lots of discussions are had. 
I'm soaking up every second of it.
You are a monster hambone (your nickname the month)
..literally stare down a stranger to get a rise out of them.  Your goal is to get them to tell you your cute, and then you take it up a notch.
Who reaches these things?

A few of your favorite things at 17 months:
Your wubby and paci (we aren't fighting that battle any time soon- you only get it at nap and bed for the most part)
Being outside.  You would play all day!  This summer is going to be a blast!
Bubbles.  Every child's dream and you are no different.
Books, books, and more books. Especially your seek & find Mickey book (HERE)
Dancing! Especially to Mercy Me.  We rarely watch TV these days.  Music is a regular request by you and your sister and daddy and I are happy to oblige!
Playing the water (dog bowl water is your favorite!)
Laughing and tickling your sister
Sitting in momma or dad's lap having sweet baby conversation (and thats my favorite, too!) 
Foods: kiwi, melon, bananas, peanut butter oats, ravioli, macaroni and cheese, wheat thins, cheese, & milk, yogurt, grilled cheese, and cereal.

You had me at hello, little girl.  I could never picture my world without you in it.

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Jolie Grace-
YOU, my little tiny thing, have so much joy.
..I've never met child that is literally this high on life.
As sweet and silly as you can be, we've been welcoming the mornings with a super grouchy Jo Grace.
..angry eyes and AT-ti-TUDE until you get your breakfast.  All is right in the world after oats and peanut butter. 

You are your sister are in synch with growth and development.
 ..Like Parker, you also have 5 molars, 4 top teeth, and 3 bottom teeth- with a fourth coming in quick.

Even though I've been saying this since you were born, you are still laid back as it gets.
..playing by yourself, thinking hard, and examining everything - absorbing it all like a sponge.  
You are one smart cookie and have zero problem with understanding the sentences that come from momma and dad when we talk to you.
..I halfway expect one day for you to start talking to me in full on conversation when the day before you had all but 4 words in your vocabulary.
Dog, Hi, Mom, & Dad is the extent of what you will say, but you've mastered the head shake (and occasionally, a nod). 
..although you don't say the word "No", you make sure we understand your desires with the most dramatic of head movements.
Alright, Diva.  
..I gotchu.
The sound of a car, airplane, and train get the sweetest rise out of you.
..that finger points straight into the air and the babble gab flood starts a flowing.
I have zero concern for this lack of verbal communication
.. you find every which way to get your point across in other ways.

Your hair, Jolie Grace.  
..stick straight, a little curly, and all over the place.  You've come a long way from your balding days.
I can't event bring myself to put it into a ponytail.
..even though we are long overdue.

A few favorite things at 17 months:
Puppy, but thats a given:)
Bangles, watches, necklaces, and SHOES
The dogs, Daphnee, and Maggie (I've never heard such sweet happy laughter)
Bubbles - again with those giggles!
Singing and breaking it down with Sister Bear
"Helping" mom do her makeup.  You love it when I rub my powder brush over your nose.
Being outside.  All I have to say is "lets go put on our shoes" and you take off running.
Food: blackberries, plain waffles, macaroni and cheese, cereal, milk, yogurt, broccoli, beans, rice, & Smarties candy

Your happy squeals, screeches and amazing personality keeps the purest of glee written all over your face, and I could never have asked the Lord to bless me as well as he has with you in my life.
I Love You!

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Happy 17 months my sweet baby girls!  Momma loves you with all her heart!

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they are the cutest! how do you organize all their headbands? I know you have a ton! :) and we have so many and I have yet to find a good way that doesn't take up a ton of space!

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