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Jesus Saves, Bro

I posted this picture to Instagram on Good Friday this weekend..and there were several reasons why I was so excited about it. 
ONE.)  I mean.. the obvious.  They are 100% precious to the bone.  Agree with me or not, but I'm their mother and the world could come crashing down and I probably wouldn't notice due to my mind consummation of these sweet faces. Plus, both if them are actually looking in the general direction of the camera.
B.) Those shirts. Riley Clay of greythread has some seriously cute stuff for littles.  If only I had unlimited funds.  If only.
THREE.) The leggings.  THESE leggings.  Soft, amazing quality, and breathable for the upcoming summer months.  $13 bucks, y'all. THIRteen.  sold..duh 

I was regrammed by all three of these favorite shops of mine..AND landed on the popular page. I need an emoticon to go here.  
And why my Mac didn't autocorrect 'emoticon' is halfway crazy to me.  

headbows / jameson monroe // shirts / greythread // leggings / odarling handmade
Of course there was more than just one photo worth sharing, but I have to refrain myself from over posting on the 'gram (follow along @masseya).  
Don't want to overwhelm anybody.  Believe me I can do it.
 moccasins / freshly picked
Jolie.  You look OLD.
Listen to your mother.

 Jolie's hair is on the crazy train.  Curly?  Sort of.  Stick Straight?  Almost.  Frizz?  Often.  Amazing?Definitely. 
I've taken to actually 'fixing' it every morning.  Again after meals.  Then once again after nap.  After bath that mess is out.of.control.  
Love every inch of it.
 It wouldn't be a twin post without the twin love.  Kisses (we call them 'sugars' and have done so since they were days old.) have been a regular activity for a couple months now..
 The rather aggressive hugging business is new.  Probably a month now.  Typically these two come tumbling to the floor after a hug like this.  
Everyone needs to hug like that.  The world would be a much better place.
..and then just like that..
 ..its all over.

Jesus Saves, Bro.




Ashley Brickner said...

OMG - so cute! I can't even! :)

The Yarbrough's said...

oh my gosh....I LOVE THOSE SHIRTS!!!! Too cute...and those little girls are just precious!!

Katie said...

I can't even get over how cute your girls are! I often show whoever I'm around their pictures because they are just the cutest!! (Hope that is NOT weird :)

Bri said...

Adorable!!! I love their hugging pictures ;)

Annalee said...

Your pics are so great! Aside from the utterly adorable subjects, what camera and editing do you use?

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