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We EAT | Veggie Burgers.. with a fork!

I'm such a foodie.  I love to cook.  I love to create.  I love to develop.  

Meal planning.. ya'll- my favorite part of the week.  

Well.  It was my favorite part of the week.  When the girls started eating 3 meals a day I was über excited.  That excitement soon turned into anxiety.

What in the world was I going to feed them!?  

After the first week I was at a complete loss. When meal planning for my girls, I have to keep in mind that I'm not home with them some days during the week (mainly lunch and sometimes dinner), so I have to make sure whatever I 'plan' for them to eat is relatively low maintenance out of respect for the MIL and hubby.  We like (close your eyes!) fish sticks, PB&J's (occasionally they are the Uncrustables- YIKES!),  and (Oh.EM.GEEE) chicken nuggets.   This is a small percentage of what I give them.  One meal.  Out of 21 meals in the week.  

There have been many times when I've made my own veggie burgers (see my favorites here, here, and here) but this isn't one of those times.  I spent many moments on a busy Saturday morning at the grocery store looking/evaluating my options and never found a 'veggie' burger I liked enough to offer the girls.  
Random Costco run on our Valentine's Day (day) date- I know, super romantic- these Gardenburgers were on sale.  I read the food label and they sounded delicious to me!  

I didn't see anything listed on the Gardenburger webpage so I am not sure if I am just lucky enough to be a testing market or what and I haven’t seen them anywhere else, but Costco.  If you happen to come across them- they are super delicious.  Parker and Jolie love them, too!  
Brown rice and whole oat based and loaded with veggies.  All it took was a quick heat in a skillet coated with cooking spray.  
Lunch is served!

..and while we are trying new things.. heres a fork (spork?), Jolie.
Theres one way to do it. 

"Look Ma! No hands!"

Parker did just as I expected her to do at first examination of the veggie burgers.. 
Disassembly (and to the floor), one corn kernel at a time.

Fork it.
Blurry- and I don't care.  I think I might frame this picture and hang it over my bed.  

This dietitian loves these burgers.  I've enjoyed them for myself a couple times this week- not just for the bablets!

As far as the utensils go, I picked these up at Walmart (found on Amazon here).  I was shocked at how quickly they understood how to orient the 'stab' motion to their food with the fork or spoon.  I started by helping her get the food on the fork and then letting her hold it and bring it to her mouth.  Did that once and the rest was history!  Now we put them on their tray every meal time.  Sometimes they use them, while other times its a toy.. and occasionally a weapon.  I've had one whiz by my ear a time or two.  A centimeter closer I would be pulling food out of my hair- Ariel style.

Thanks for the advice and encouragement on starting with the utensils fellow mommas!



*Anna* said...

I just love this little blog series you have created!

It's a Vermont Life said...

I've been a vegetarian for 10 years and I LOVE Gardenburger! They are super hard to find though. I lived in an area with 6 Wegmans and only 1 carried them. Whenever I find them I stock up on them since they go in and out of stores it seems. These will definitely be on my sons menu once he starts complex foods!

Emily said...

I also LOVE this series! My son is 11 months old and INSISTS on finger foods. While we try to do the "he eats when we eat" routine, sometimes ya just need something quick, easy, and healthy! My son ADORES your cheesy eggs & turkey dogs and I'll be trying your turkey meatballs this weekend. Thanks for all the ideas!

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