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Our First Attempt {Rice Cereal}

At our four month check up, Dr. Butler suggested that we start the girls on a little bit of rice cereal.  Not, by any means, to replace a 'milk meal', but in addition to- supplementing at one of their feeding times with just about a tablespoon of rice cereal mixed with about 2 ounces of breastmilk.

When I went to the store to see about getting some rice cereal- I thought this will be an easy quick grab at the end of my trip.  Boy, was I mistaken.  There are about a million options to choose from.  I mean, how many ways can you make rice cereal, for Pete's sake?

Finally, after skimming through all the options and allowing my frozen veggies to start the thawing process, I chose Earth's Best Organic.  The real reason I selected it was not because it was organic, but because of the advertised 'whole grain' on the front of the box.  I'm all about the whole food options vesus the white and plan to give the girls all kinds of whole grains, like oatmeal and barley, but wanted to start with the basics first. 

I was so nervous about starting them on a little bit of the cereal..
  • Were they going to like it?
  • Did I make it right?
  • Is it too hot?
  • Is it too early to give them rice cereal??  
 I called their pediatrician, again, to make sure it was okay to start them with the cereal at 4 1/2 months, and she assured me it was perfectly fine.  Besides, it is great for the motor development that they will need when it is time to transition into other foods.  With two babies to make that transition, I'm all about making it easier. 

Parker Jane was first- and she loved it.. for about 4 bites.  She then got tired of it when she realized she couldn't suck the spoon and get unlimited supply of the goopy stuff.  Her arm flailing and 'get me out of here' looks started and so Daddy scooped her up and off to the bath she went! 
Jolie Grace was next, and she was a little more patient and interested in the spoon to mouth action.  She seemed to like it pretty well!  She kept grabbing the spoon, the bowl, and even started sucking it off of her (way too big for her little belly) bib.  It was precious! 
 Halfway through her bowl.. she decided she hated it.  The look of disgust that covered her face was tears-rolling-down-your-face funny.  I was dying and so was her daddy who was attempting to take pictures. 
She looked like an angry grandpa or something. 

She ended up finishing her bowl, funny scowled faces and all.  It was Jolie's turn to take a bath..

Since their try of rice cereal they've had it three more times, and really love it!  The other night I was feeding them both at the same time while daddy was at the fire station and Parker was making the 'mmmmm' noises.  I was giggling so hard and wishing I had just one more hand to video her funny sounds.  Jolie, again, cleaned her bowl and then wanted to suck the spoon.

A couple things I learned from this first attempt with rice cereal:

Clothes are not neccessary.  I made the mistake of not undressing them prior to their eating.. big mistake.  HUGE.  Cereal. Everywhere.
They've been nakey ever since  :)

Leave it a little thick.  Making the cereal too liquid-y is less appealing to the girls and they get frustrated and fussy to the fact that they can't such the spoon like a nipple.  Leaving the cereal with a little thickness to it is better for our girls.

Offer the breast or bottle before feeding the rice cereal. At 4 1/2 months, these cereal feedings are not to replace breast milk or formula.  Feeding them first before offering the cereal ensures that they are getting a full feeding from you, and not filling up on cereal.  Usually we give them a bath and read a book or play after this cereal 'snack', and then I offer them the breast just before bed to 'top them off'. 

Do it just before bed. Full bellies can mean a full night's rest for baby and momma:)



The Joiners said...

Ha those pictures are too funny- even at their angriest, they are still adorable!

Becca Moss said...

Give it a few more times and they're both going to love it! Them pictures are the best though, you have two adorable little girls!

Amanda said...

Our babies are within weeks of each other. I feel like we are SO not on a schedule... could you maybe do a blog (now that they are eating rice cereal) about a typical day for your girls? Like their naps, eating, playing, etc time? My babies are staying up noticeably more during the day but I still feel like they eat/sleep when they want and I'd love to know a typical routine for twins that are around our age! We are just hitting 4 months, so I plan to start cereal in a few weeks!

Amanda said...

^^ I guess I should say we are sleeping through the night (not in our own cribs yet, still in rock and plays but I'll take it!!) but daytime routine is not set!

Sally said...

We had SAME exact pics when we started, although we just decided to start with oatmeal instead of rice. Mace liked it fine eventually....and now he still eats it and SCARFS it!

Tessa D'Angelo said...

Those are the cutest little pictures! And we had a lot of similar faces when we first fed Noah his cereal. Once flavors were introduced with it, it went much smoother. :)

Bri said...

Hehehehehe! Love these pictures...Glad "Angry Grandpa" Jolie still liked it enough to finish the bowl. ;)

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