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"I Love Beer." - J. Massey

A couple weeks ago Jordan and I planned a date night for one of our only free evenings with nothing to do.. This weekend finally came and we partook in two of our very favorite things at the moment- Movies and Sushi.   

Love at a stoplight- hurry in for a kiss!
 Hoshi Hibachi
Since Jordan's new found love, or should I say-ADORATION,  for sushi we have tried several different places.  We've decided Hoshi is the best (but we are always open to suggestions for your favorites!) While we were waiting for our Hoshi Tower (Oh geez- delicious!) Jordan enjoyed this Japanese beer. 

J: "I love beer." 
Me: " that specific beer?"
J: "No.  Just in general.  I love it."

Just casual conversation.. it goes so deep sometimes. :)
 A new roll we tried- The Kamikazi roll.  and we like it!
 Simple Salmon Roll, The Titanic, and El Diablo
After we overate at Hoshi.. We walked it off browsing through furniture displays at various stores- even picked up a few items for decor.

After a stop in the candy aisle at Walmart (would rather spend $0.98 than $4.50 on a box of Mike and Ike's) we headed off to the theater to see Bad Teacher

Meh.. it was alright.  The previews gave all the funny parts away.  It made me wish we would have picked the new Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks movie :)

Great start to our holiday weekend!  I love date nights..

and Jordan loves beer.

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Jennifer said...

Love the new blog layout! Long time no talk - hope all is well with the Massey's! Love ya!

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