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2nd Birthdays..The Fort Christmas..AND..

All I have to say is FINALLY. Geez. ;) Adam did good with her pretty circle cut solitaire ROCK! So happy for them, and ready to start planning as the Matron of Honor for the April 24th date. 4 months of planning- it's gonna be a challenge, but it will get done. She wasn't kidding when she said 'I want a short engagement.'

Other events of the weekend..

Saturday was this little girl's 2nd birthday party-- she is an absolute doll. This is Jordan's cousin's girl, Rayn. It was so cute watching her (with her friend's help) opening up all her presents and having fun being a typical two year old. Jordan and I got to socialize with friends and family that came in to celebrate as well, so it was that much more fun!Sunday was the Fort Family Christmas (Jordan's Mom's side of the family) I always look forward to this get-together every year. It is always load of fun catching up with sooooo much family..ooohhh, and the food. Cannot forget that.

This is the house Jordan and I recently bought. PPPPSSSHHHH, ya, right. I WISH. No, this is Lara's house (Jordan's cousin). They so graciously opened up their house to all of us to host this event. I got a cramp in my neck walking up to it for the first time after they moved in (I babysit her kiddos pretty often and when they moved in a couple months ago, I joked when I pulled on their street 'What if they lived in THAT house?!!' and then I pulled up with this address..)

Fort Brothers: Kenneth and George (better known to us as 'Woogie') Woogie is Jordan's grandfather.
Jackson Buis.. Lara's baby boy! Love him and his sweet not-so-little attitude.
My husband and I

My hair is looking rather 'Texas'-ish in this picture. I guess I was going for the BIG this morning. Jordan looking rather HOTT with his facial hair. I really, really wish he didn't have to shave when he goes back to work at the station.
The Massey family..Awe, and the newly engaged JBree and Adam
Loooook at the rock. I proceeded to tell Jordan today (several times..) I wanted to get married.
Again, with the 'Texas' hair.
Adam, Jenna, Big hair, and Sexy (..TeHeHeHe)
Later that night was our Sunday School 'Non-Christmas' Christmas Party. It is more of a worship service rather than a party. We brought a dessert and drank coffee and then did a lead prayer and sang songs. Perfect way to end this weekend. Although I didn't get any pictures, I did take a picture of my dessert I brought. It turned out rather pretty if I do say so myself.
Apricot Almond Torte
Friday marked my last day of internship for the next TWO weeks!!! I don't have to report back until January 4th, 2010! Sweet. This is a MUCH needed break. Can't wait..oh, and VEGAS for New Year's! Countdown to Christmas- 5 day! WOOOO!

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