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holiday gift guide | for her

I'm sitting here covered in glitter from head to toe after decorating my house over the last two days for the most wonderful time of the year!! (!!!) I fall into one of those categories of "uber fanatical" about the holiday season- party because of the pure magic of the season and also because I LOVE gift giving.  over the weekend I was out and about shopping with all the crazy people  for that perfect gift to give the people I love.  this weekend marked the start of the amazing sales and deals on a few of our favorite things and I'll be sharing them on the blog this week for my annual holiday wishlists..
starting with the lady in your life.. or yourself:)
nothing wrong with that.

here is a great start to your holiday shopping- and everything is $200 or less!

as I've gotten older, and keep adding numbers to the bunch, my wishlist gets shorter and shorter. this year Jordan and I even exchanged the idea of not getting anything for each other.  we have a nursery to plan and paint and fill with all the baby boy things, so focusing on that and on sharing this last holiday with our three little girls is all I want.  
that being said.. 
my newest obsession has become dry bar.  I used to have to drive into Dallas to get a blow out but they are popping up all over the place and I completely appreciate it!  my checkbook isn't super impressed, which is why this would be the best gift ever to the lucky gal in your life.  I find every reason to make a trip- and a great blow out will last me three or four days before a wash.  ohhh I'm telling you this is a great idea!
every year I always want a watch.  and I always want a new handbag.  mainly because I'm one to wear the crap out of those items until they are basically falling apart by the next Christmas after repeat wear and tear.  I do the same with my shoes.  I wear the same neutral pair over and over.  I saw the shearling TOMS sneakers on zulily last week and snagged myself a pair because the last time I bought myself a pair of casual sneakers (outside of my cross trainers) was probably before I had kids.  I was due for some shoes, I think.  
of course there is the most comfortable and affordable grandpa cardigan in the basically neutral olive color- I have a thing for oversized cardigans and even wear them around the house over my pajamas.  I have linked the one shown above and a couple more I love love love and have found them to be super cozy, too!  
you can also find my favorite lip gloss (Dolly is a great color to go with if you are unsure) and a staple pair of drop earrings from the one and only Kendra Scott.  rose gold errythaaang.
lastly.  for my fellow list making ladies, these are most most favorite notebooks.  I use them for everything from grocery lists, to reminders, to jotting down my daily thoughts or taking notes at a meeting. I got a set of three for my birthday a couple years ago from a co-worker and have bought several sets since! 
its cyber monday!  what are you shopping for??

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