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five on friday

one. beauty finds
I branched out in my go to lip polish this week and busted out the fall colors.  I've mentioned my Buxom love before- and they have a giant rainbow of lip colors and I have fallen in love with another one: Vanessa (lavish mulberry)  
I'm looking for an amazing red lip gloss or lipstick to wear for our family pictures coming up on Monday..I've never worn RED before, and in fact this mulberry color is the darkest I've ever gone.
anyone have an amazing red they love!?  please share!!  
ALSO.. my shirt.  non-maternity and so gorgeous! 
two. a little bit of velcro
 another fab find this week.. velcro rollers.  I posted on my IG stories the other morning and there was a little confusion around the velcro rollers giving me the loose curls- they dont. they DO give me amazing volume!  I put them at the crown of my head and front "bangs".  I put the rollers in, spray dry volume spray, blow-dry for 5-10 seconds and then allow to sit for just about 15 minutes.
I haven't teased my hair in a week:)
no teasing!  just enough volume. 
I AM working on doing a hair tutorial.  you guys have stressed me out enough about it so I'm finally pulling the trigger:) 
..oh and theres that bebe boy.
(check out my midi-length sweater + favorite maternity tank
three. toddler ponchos
yes. I went there!  the cutest ponchos for the fall season. I am so excited for dressing the girls in cooler weather clothes starting with these adorable ponchos made by one of my long time favs- odarling handmade.  Emma was among the very first small shops that I ever purchased anything from.. and aside from these amazing ponchos (that come in a variety of colors!) she makes our favorite leggings and harems.  baby brother will definitely be sporting some of her fantastic handy work!
use code PBANDJ for 20% off ponchos- code works through the weekend!
four. kid talk
THESE girls have been cracking me up beyond words right now.  
Parker has this new found love for the "poop smile" and when I told her to do something different with her face this is the look I got:
and then she started SCREAMING 3 seconds after this picture because 
JOWEE is choking me!!! GET OFF ME JOWEE. 
but omg.  I love them.  the conversations we've had lately are just tear-worthy and I find myself saving things that they say in the notes section of my phone or else I will definitely forget.. and I never want to forget! 

Jo: what is THAT?!
me: it's tomato soup in a bread bowl 
Jo: well. I don't like you soup
me: you haven't even tried it!
Jo: well. I can smell you breath. 
me: go to bed, jolie.

Parker: hey! did you know my mom have a baby brother in her tummy? 
me: I did! ..Parker.. am I your mom? 
Parker: NOPE! 

(in the car to go to BB's house)
Parker: we're off the see the wizard! 

Parker: mom. what his baby name?
me: we haven't decided yet
Parker: his name should be Kendall. Rainbow Kendall. 
me: Kendall is your cousin's name.
Parker: yaaaa. but it so beautiful... just beautiful. 

I never want them to change.  
but look at these babies!!!  same outfit.  going to preschool.  not even a year ago.  
they look so little!
five. baby steps.
I last mentioned my parents a couple weeks back.. I had zero intention of writing about them on such a casual post like five on friday.. but the words kept coming and the tears were flowing and it just ended up out there for everyone to see.  ANYway.. I'm hosting a baby shower at my house this weekend and asked my mom on a whim to come in town to help me get everything set up and put together.  all those last minute details I always feel like I'm going to completely fail at the final execution- it helps to have someone cheering you on even if they don't do a thing, ha!  she obliged quickly to my request, so she and my dad are coming in town for the weekend.  I'm excited to see them again.. and the girls are excited, too!  which brings another level of relief to my anxieties.  wishing for an easy going weekend with those folks.  and a fun time celebrating my good friend's baby boy!  say a little prayer, for me.. will ya? XO!

see ya'll on Monday!


Laci said...

Can't wait for the hair video! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Nars in Cruella... LOOOOOOOVE

Sarah said...

I'm so proud of you for reaching out and extending an invite. That's huge! Take some time and give yourself a high five for being so brave!

NC Becky said...

day at a time and yes good for you to taking the step and having your folks.

The Mrs./The Mom said...

Use little hoots app for their quotes! Its the best.

Lauren McDowell said...

I was just gonna ask about how you get the volume! I'm not usually into red lips but found a favorite - Burburry Ox Blood gloss, I got it at Nordstrom.

Brittney Hjelseth said...

ok the ponchos!! goodness gracious!

Jaimee Granberry said...

I love Buxom! I've been venturing into dark/brighter colors lately. LipSense Blue Red is the best red- Christina Aguilara wears it! :)

Ash. said...

I'm going to second NARS cruella for a stunning red lip. It's amazing.

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