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I'm sitting here in my pjs, watching tom selleck (I LOVE HIM) on live with kelly. coffee in hand.. omg after looking through yesterday's pictures I snapped I realize I drink SO MUCH COFFEE.. side note there, soooorry.
BB took all three babies for an impromptu sleepover last night after we filled our bellies with chips and salsa and the best queso ever.  the day was filled with so much joy and happiness, and you guys I just had the best day ever.  the best birthday in many years.. not that my last birthdays were horrible by any means, but they were just another day. 

I started my day with bootcamp and coffee and then took the big girls to preschool before my appointment for a flu shot (the best! ha!) and then headed straight for a sonogram appointment.  I wanted nothing more for my birthday than to see my sweet baby boy.  Britt mentioned that she had a great place she loves and went to often when she was pregnant with her girls, so I made my appointment at visions of love ultrasound and got to see my boy. my dad sent me a gift card to Starbucks because he also shares my love for starbies AND a birthday (baby steps.. this is the first "gift" exchange or even simply a happy birthday on our birthday in years.
..btw you can find my phone case here, my flannel here (on sale!) and my favorite maternity tank here!
 the only thing Jordan cared about was seeing a wiener.  the night before he made mention about being excited about going to the sonogram and he cant wait to see it! what?!  such a creep.. but he did have a point that we've never seen one before and we actually got to see it in 3D- ha! 
this little guy was darling. I had just eaten breakfast so he was moving around like a crazy little thing and kept rubbing his tiny hands around his face and eyes, yawning and stretching out his legs.  I have thought I could feel him for a week or so and when he would stretch his skinny legs out I could totally feel the movement. he's already got some sweet cheeks and a button nose!!  I want to hold him and squeeze him right now.
I got this felt frame + letters on my trip to magnolia market, but you can also find it HERE.  its made by letter folk!  I've been eyeballing these for a long time and I had already decided, boy or girl, I would get one of these for the nursery.
after my heart basically exploded for a half hour, it was on to the rest of our day.
babies r us is having their great carseat event right now (through October 2nd!) and if you bring in your old carseat, doesn't matter the brand, to exchange you get 25% off a brand new carseat.. SO.  when you have to buy THREE carseats this 25% is very helpful!
after hearing awesome things and recommendations we went with the Graco Nautilus 65 3-in-1 harness booster for the big girls and the Maxi Cosi convertible for Baker. can find Baker's bow here, her sweater here, pants here.. and her camo moccasins here!
next stop was lunch before picking up with twins at preschool!  twisted root struck my tummy cords for delicious and I had the best lunch dates!

we swung through to pick up the girls from school and then it was home to install the new carseats + a quick face time to wish Duke (my dad) a happy birthday. they were SO cute talking to him and he was SO happy to see their smiling faces.
I thanked my dad for the gift card and then sent him this selfie of my second venti of the day and an entire car full of his sleeping granbabes.
the last stop before dinner!  the park!  well, its actually an amazing genius idea of one of my favorite grocery stores- they have a park and picnic tables on the back side of their store.  SO, before dinner with the Massey's we let the girls run off the steam.  
 wearing my FAVORITE maternity jeans HERE
..and my new favorite (cheap!) glasses here.
can I also just mention that the weather yesterday was AMAZING. literally 75 and gorgeous the entire day- we walked right into fall on my birthday.
after making a quick stop at Target to grab jams for the girl to wear at BB's after dinner, we went home to an empty house and watched DVR'd Fixer Upper in bed. 
it was just a good day.  every moment of it.
heres to another year:)


Stang & Co. said...

Hearing mention of your relationship with your dad is tugging at my heartstrings. So very happy for you, and happy birthday!

The Dauterives said...

your posts make me happy for you. glad it was a great day. enjoy the little loves :)

Sara said...

So thrilled you and your dad got to "celebrate" your shared birthday this year!

Laci said...

You give me hope that one day, just maybe, I will have a relationship with my dad again after a long 11 years of being estranged! Happy Happy Birthday!! So glad Jordan could make sure it was really a boy! haha!

Cassie said...

Sounds totally blissful! I have hit a beautiful stride here as well at 32 years. Of course it might be fall, cool weather (finally!) induced.

Laura Darling said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like a perfect day! A playground behind the grocery store is such a genius idea!

Dakota said...

Happy Birthday girl! Sounds like a great one! Your eyes look gorgeous in that picture by the way! I wish it felt like Fall here haha.

Brittney Hjelseth said...

same birthday for you and your dad??! how crazy. my two babies were born on the exact same day. exactly two years and thirty minutes apart :) Happy birthday to you!! prayers for your relationship with your parents!

Jordan said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I see you drinking a salted caramel mocha ... How do you make it healthy?! I absolutely love them!

Rachel Fitch said...

Happy belated Birthday! Does any of your coffee's contain caffeine while prego or all decaf?

Mandy said...

Happy belated birthday! Your hair is gorgeous! I've been trying to master curling this length of hair for months but it never turns out this cute. It's always overcurled. We jumped into fall headfirst here, it was upper 80s on Monday and only mid 50s by yesterday!

Unknown said...

I used to work at that Market Street - since I've moved far away to North Dakota but my parents live in the apartments down the road!

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