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Massey Love

Friday began the first of many Christmas parties for Jordan and me.  The Massey family is rather large, filled with firemen (meaning, plenty of days off-but also makes for a difficult time finding when they are ALL off at once) and growing to say the least- so finding a date when most everyone could be there is always a challenge.  Any other year this process wouldn't be as difficult- but this Christmas is special.  Mr. M aka Grandad is at the tail in of his year long battle with lung cancer- that has now seemed to get worse, even after the horrible weeks of chemo treatment and never ending medications.  There was talk of remission, but about 2 months ago the doc told him it was back and there was hardly anything that could be done.  Grandad accepted his news as best he could, and now has made arrangements in preparation for his future to come.  With all that being said- this Christmas is being treated like his last Christmas, so having everyone there was so important to him. 
Grandad and his handsome grandson
Opening gifts with Jordan's Dad.  Look at his precious smile!
The grandkids
My mother-in-law  is quite beeee--yuuuuteful
The Vineyard's came :)  ADAM- you smile so pwwweety. (It took some insulting) Do it more often.
Pretty rare all 6 of us are together!!  Love this picture.
This picture.. is well- a mess!  Jordan, I've never seen him MORE handsome- gotta watch out for the ladies. Jenna, looking uncomfortable..and me..well, you can see my bra.
Sweet man- this smile is much better :)
Friday was a long a rough day for me in general- but this evening made for an excellent start to quite an amazing weekend.  Grandad- I love you..we love you- so, so much.

I woke this morning refreshed a ready for the day ahead.  Maybe it was all the shopping I got done, or the fact that Saturday consisted of Jordan and I, and only Jordan and I (except for the fun surprise visit from my MOL)  Instead of dreading the fact that I don't get to stay in my PJs for another day, I felt good waking up this morning.  Happy GLORIOUS Monday!

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