Days of Taste 2009

"In this age of fast and frozen food, we want to teach school children about real food – where it is grown and how it is produced – so that they can develop an understanding and appreciation of how good food is supposed to taste.” - Julia Child, AIWF co-founder

Last week, I had another amazing opportunity to be apart of the Days of Taste program. I did it last October/November and loved it so much, I did it again! The program lasts for two weeks and during this time, young 4th and 5th grade students from local Dallas schools are brought in for a not-so-typical field trip to the Dallas Farmers Market. Each child got $1 to take to the market and purchase a fruit or veggie to go into a big pasta salad that they make themselves!
It was so rewarding to watch these kids learn new things and actually enjoy the idea of fresh fruits and vegetables from their very own city's market!

Days of Taste is sponsored by many businesses, but one of them is Pacugio, gelato place (Italian Ice Cream!). The owner and creator, Cristiana Ginatta, was so nice to come and speak with the kids about what she does, and best of all, she brought samples!!! This is one of my favorite spots to splurge, and we first visited while in Austin, but, there are several in the DFW area. Check it out if you haven't! It is delicious..or should I say, delizioso, buonissimo, or, saporito!
The First Day:
We had a large group!! The students are listening well to the volunteer chef, Jennifer Hood.
My Girls. We were the Red Pepper group! We decided to make our pasta salad with all vegetables-

Day Two!All the volunteers
All my best girlfriends from Baylor came with me the second day I volunteered
MKat, Me, Deeku, Shells Bells, Racheee Van
Close up! I see you, Shelley!
My Lemon Team! This time, my kids wanted to do all fruit! It is AMAZING how much you can buy for $5 at the Farmer's Market!
  • 1 carton of sweet strawberries
  • a small bunch of crisp purple grapes
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 soft green pear
  • 1 juicy apple
  • a handful of tart blackberries
  • 1 mango
  • 3 ruby red plums

I had a blast, once again!! Yay for Days of Taste!

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