Collapse in Valley Ranch

On Saturday afternoon I was standing in my kitchen making chocolate cupcakes when I got a phone call from Jordan. I was suppossed to be taking these cupcakes to him and the rest of the guys at Station 6 that afternoon. Jordan called me from the fire engine (he tends to do this from time to time..Jordan: 'Hey Babe, what are you doing? Me: Nothing much, what are you up to? Jordan: Oh nothing, just driving the ambulance..' ) to tell me to hold off on my visit to the fire station because they were on their way to Valley Ranch because the practice dome had collapsed! That was the last thing I was expecting to hear! Anyway, that practice bubble is right up the street from our home in Coppell, so I hopped in my car and rode to the scene, like a crazy person, I know, but I just had to see what this thing looked like 'collapsed' after driving by it so often!

These are from CBS11 website.

Here are some from the actual scene that I took with my camera. It was a crazy sight to witness.

Jordan was on CBS11 news transporting one of the newest coaches, the one that broke his back. We are praying for all the families that delt with this on Saturday. Thank you Jordan, and the rest of the IFD for once again being the ones to run in, when everyone else is trying to get out


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Becky, Phil and Hayden said...

Wow! Go Jordan! I know you are proud of him!

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