No More Red..No More Green..Thank GOODNESS!

Last July when we moved into our house, the only thing that really bothered me about it, was, well, the 'festivness' (if thats a word!) of it. I mean, I absolutely LOVE Christmas, but, not all year round. Not even my friend Shay would tolerate a green and red home, and she is one of those, along with myself, who starts the Christmas season after Halloween! Anyway, it was cute, and we said we would paint pretty quick after we moved in, but the inside work needed to be done..then came paramedic school..then came internship application and acceptance. So, FINALLY, almost a year later...
Its painted!! It makes it look SO much better, and almost like a new, new home. :) This picture almost doesn't do it justice. I think we are planning on getting a new door with glass to open it up a bit, but for now, we just painted the door that we already have. LOVE IT!



Chris and Angela Burnett said...

It looks great!! It is crazy what a little paint can do. What a cute house!

Mindy Rives said...

Um....we basically live on the same street! We're on Tupelo Drive...which turns into Aspenway! I walk by your house all of the time. Small world! See you on Wednesday!

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