A Long Saturday

Today Jordan and I spent a long day sitting at a voting location to support candidates for the City Counsel voting that took place. The Irving Fire Department supports certain candidates, and to show our support, firefighters and their families were sprinkled throughout Irving at different voting locations to represent. Jordan and I took our post at Irving High at about 7:30am in the misting rain. I packed a picnic and we brought Daphnee along with us for the day since her puppy bladder couldn't hold it for twelve hours! Yes, we were there ALL day. Throughout the day I took some randoms of Daphnee being silly, which made the day go by somewhat quickly. None of us, because needless to say, after the morning rain, no one was in any form for pictures! Anyway, it is good to be home..
Enjoy these pictures..they still make me smile!

Jordan and Sweet Girl playing with her new toy

Look at those ears!

We bought a leash for Daphnee the other night, and today was the first day for her to be on it. She was cracking both Jordan and myself up when it was time to walk, she would put the leash in her mouth, as if she was walking herself!

Who is leading who here?
Pooped after a long day of playing and just being plain adorable!


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Chris and Angela Burnett said...

What a cute puppy...cute name too!! :)

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