Cole Kirkpatrick

6 years ago, Jordan, Jordan's sister Jenna, and myself worked at Sonic in Flower Mound. Our Sonic was not one of the most busy restaurants, but, we had our fair share of regulars that came daily, sometimes more than once! One of those regulars was a lady named Amy, and Amy was 9 months pregnant with twin boys. She would come several time a day to get herself a Cherry Dr. Pepper, and sometimes drinks for her daughter, Caroline, and husband, Kyle. What started as a babysitting job, turned into family. My sister-in-law, Jenna, began to nanny for this family just weeks after the Luke and Cole were born. Although Jordan and I are not as close with them as Jenna (She sees them daily!) We have still grown to love and care for the whole family! Jordan and I have both babysat and been around the kids, and Jordan's parents even made arrangements to attend the kid's open house in place of Amy and Kyle when they were unable to make it due to a business trip running long. Last night Jenna sent an email about Cole. Cole has always been the smaller of the two (Luke is a BIG boy!) and had severe asthma and really has been plain sick for most of his young life. Although this is the case, you would never know it by looking at that boy's bright face. He is just precious. Cole just turned 6, and with all that had been going on they went in for a MRI of his brain in December. All was clear on those results. However, the Lord works in mysterious ways!
Cole had been complaining of chronic headaches and had a cold basically since February, and with his extreme asthma and low immune system, it is hard for him to fight off something as simple as a cold. His pediatrician wanted him to see a specialist to see if he could have his adenoids and tonsils taken out, who then ordered him a CT scan. So they went in for that and since this time they were mainly focusing in on his sinus', thinking he had a sinus problem they zeroed in on his face. With that being said this time around the doctors found a tumor on his sphenoid bone, which is right below the brain, which they missed when they did the scan in December.
They will be going to see the pediatric neurosurgeon on Thursday of next week to talk about the possibilities and I just ask all of you to please pray for this sweet, young boy. Also, please keep Kyle and Amy (parents) in your prayers. It's a very stressful and nervous time. I appreciate it, I know they will appreciate it.

Bree and Cole @ Pappasito's Jenna and Luke (Cole's twin brother)

Thank you for your prayers!

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