Memorial Day Weekend

My little brother (well, not 'little'..let's say, younger) Patrick had to have surgery on his ankle this past Friday due to a sports injury, and so, Jordan and I decided to make a last minute trip to Austin to visit him, and hang out for the holiday weekend. Jordan was at the fire station on Saturday, so, we left bright and early on Sunday and was there until yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. The weather was beautiful, and Pat seemed to be doing well, so it was a really nice trip. Good to getaway for a mini-vacation.

Sunday we spent in Round Rock and my mom made dinner and my other brother, John, and his girlfriend came over, too. It was a lazy evening with movies and video games due to the fact that Patrick was confined to the sofa.

Patrick and I in his semi-permanent bed..the living room sofa!

Tha ankle ;(
Jordan being a sleepy head. He was up the night before for several calls, and then drove for almost 4 hours in the car. He needed a nap.
Memorial Day- A Beautiful Day!
Jordan and I spent all of Monday in Austin with my Dad and youngest brother, Sam
My very buff husband and little bro, Sam playing 'HORSE' in the pool @ the Loft
My dad got in to play, too!!
Jordan feeling good about himself..beating a 12 year old.
After plenty of sun and fun at the pool, we walked to the amazing Whole Foods to pick up some salmon and scallops for grilling! I decided that the potato spread was too much not to take a picture, and about 2 seconds after my flash, a man fell from the ceiling to remind me 'We do not allow pictures in our store.' Ok, so he didn't come out of the ceiling, but out of no where to scare me silly! I was quite embarrassed, but, he let me keep my picture of the potatoes.
Tuesday, it was back to school for the kiddos, and so Jordan and I stuck around to pick Sam up from school and take him to his after school program for Austin City Youths. In other words, about 4 hours of nothing but running, playing, and sweating! Love to know that he does this after school, not video games!
Me (looking 'lovely' without any make-up) and my quickly-growing-getting-bigger-everytime-I-see-him-brother, Sam
Jordan and Me!!
Cheese! Last picture before my camera died!
Another fun time in Austin!!

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