When Friends are Family

Last night, Jordan, Daphnee, and I went to Jordan's cousin's house to BBQ and fellowship for a Friday night evening out. Melanie and Brian also invited Josh and Jennifer (Jordan's other cousin, Josh is married Jennifer and Josh is Melanie's brother. I know, confusing!) We grilled out fajitas and Brian made Sopapilla Cheesecake for dessert! I LOVE getting together with the Titsworth's and the Jenning's!!

Jennifer, Melanie, and Amber

Jordan the 'Jungle Gym'. About 90% of Jordan's time was spent rough housing with his little cousins. Cousin Katie and cousin David
Me and My handsome HubbyDavid is 2 1/2 years old, and the most entertaining little man, ever!! Jennifer was playing silly games with David and asking her to point out her features, like, "Where is Jennifer's eyes?"..Where is Jennifer's nose?..elbows..chin.."
"Where is Jennifer's..." hmmm what do you think??
Jordan and Crazy David!
Jordan's cousin Josh and David in a Home Depot Bucket..
Daphnee was thirsty!
Playing outside waiting for the fajitas to get through on the grill...YUM!

This weekend started off with a great time on Friday evening, and continued on into today when I spent the majority of the morning and afternoon with one of my very best friends, Stephanie. We started off our Saturday the way any day should be started, a yummy breakfast! We ate at a place called Benedict's off Belt Line in Addison, and it was delicious! I had the Bistro Omelette that had goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, smoke salmon, cucumber and herbs. It was topped with a Hollendaise sauce and was decadent to the very last bite! After our hearty breakfast we drove to Dallas on a mission to a place called Buffalo Exchange. It is similar to Plato's Closet, which is a place I am familiar with and used to frequent when I was in high school. The original store, which opened in 1974 was one of the very first stores that bought, sold, traded, and took clothing items and accessories on consignment. In other words, a place to buy previously worn clothing for cheap, cheap! Anyway, you have to come into the store with the mindset to dig. There is so much to look at, with no organization at all! We got out of there with some great steals. Steph got two pairs of shoes, pants and a blouse for about $75. I bought a dress by Miss Sixty for $14.50. YES, fourteen dollars and fifty cents. I love it, too! It was a great day to spend with Stephanie. It is so nice to have things to do when Jordan is at the fire station. Leaving for Austin tomorrow to go visit my brother, Patrick. He had surgery on his ankle on Friday. Be back on Tuesday!
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!


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