Weekend Trip to Austin

This past weekend, Jordan and I made the familiar drive to Austin, for a short trip to visit my family and hang out with good friends. I took a half day on Friday, and we drove to meet my Dad and my youngest brother for dinner at the UT Club on campus.

Saturday morning, Jordan and I woke bright and early for the Texas Round-Up 10K run, starting at the Capitol in the heart of downtown. I ran this race a couple years ago, and rememeber it being so much fun, so when we decided it was time for a visit to Austin, I made plans to run, and even better, Jordan ran with me! Saying the race was 'hilly' is an understatement. Some of them, my knees physically would not allow me to 'run' up them. But, we finished, and we finished together, although Jordan could have had a much better time, he stayed by my side when my knees were giving me troubles!
After the race, and a quick nap, we met up with our friends, Hailey and Justin who met us down in Austin. We ate at a very small place called Hut's Hamburgers, and it was so yummy! We weren't the only ones, either! We went to eat lunch around 3:30pm (we had eaten a rather large and late breakfast after the race) and there was a half hour wait! But, it was so worth it! They have the best fries, and free-range burgers. Justin and I got the longhorn beef, and Jordan got buffalo. This will not be the last time we eat there! :)After lunch we walked to the wonderful Whole Foods, and explored their many aisles and amazing selection of every food imaginable!
Dinner we went to Cantina Laredo, and after a few visits at the one here in Dallas, it has never been my favorite place to eat, but the food was acceptionally yummy Saturday night!

Me and the handsome Hubby
Me and sweet Hay

Saturday night was also my middle brother, Patrick's prom. I was so excited to see him all dressed up and handsome! They were eating at a restaurant, before the dance, right up the street from the hotel, so Jordan and I made a stop in to see him and his girlfriend. I walked in and made a round of the place and couldn't find him anywhere! I was pulling out my phone to call him, and here he comes, so big and so grown up. I about lost it, and could barely hold back the tears. I miss him so much, and I hate that I am missing out on him growing up so quickly, but I am very glad I got to see him on this big night. I have about 3 inch heels on in this picture..and thank goodness..if I didn't I would be making personal friends with his armpits.
It was a fabulous weekend, and I can't wait to go back to see everyone, again. It was the perfect way to end an amazing life changing week. It just keeps getting better. Can't wait to see what's next!

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