TopChef the Tour

Top Chef is one of my absolute FAVORITE shows to watch. I have faithfully watched since season one, and every season has been nothing short of entertaining and enjoyable! The second I got wind of the TopChef Tour coming to Dallas, I began checking the computer daily for dates/times/TICKETS! I finally found out the date, and then it was just a waiting game for tickets to become available. I literally was the second person to sign up for two tickets! Hey, it landed me in the front row with one of my favorite friends, Rachel!

The Tour Bus set up in West Village, Dallas
Rachel and I..and some man smiling for the camera as well!
Than handsome Tre Wilcox and Casey Thompson

Ms. Casey Thompson..I still have a sour taste in my mouth from when she lost it for Carla in the finale this season..but she is still awesome, and beautiful, too!
More cooking demo

Tre and me-YAAY!

It was gorgeous weather and the perfect end to a great weekend. Saturday Jordan and I ran in the Fort Worth Zoo 5K, and then had a much needed date night. We saw the movie 'Fast and Furious', which is a MUST SEE, for sure, if you haven't already. It was a great relaxing weekend..a perfect lead into the bittersweet thoughts I have for Monday morning.
12:01am tonight will determine the next 12 months of our lives. Pray for the best!



Chris and Angela Burnett said...

What will you find out at 12:01am? Whatever it is it, I will pray for the best for you both! :)

Becky, Phil and Hayden said...

I looked for you on the news last night when they had a segment about it! Glad you had fun!

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