SOOO much has been going on lately with my internship..and it has all been a blast! The past two weeks..and for one more, I have been in my major foodservice rotation. Working in purchasing, production and retail for Presbyterian hospital has been interesting. The Chef has really given me the opportunity to express myself and get the most out of this rotation. The only thing I'm missing..my clothes! We are required to wear all white scrubs during this rotation, and I have done just about eveything to brighten it up..I think I"m out of ideas.

The US Foods Food show
Interns at the Food Show

"Very Healthy and full of antioxidants!" says the man while drenching my fried sweet potato casserole with butter and honey. I think the word FRIED takes healthy out of any phrase.

My Fruit Plates for patients- GORGEOUS. Can I be a patient?
White Scrubs!! And my working gloves so I wouldn't get blisters when I was unloading the $30,000+ food order I had placed :)
Chef featured my personal recipe for a black bean burger on the menu in Cafe Presby! I made each one..over 100 of them, for lunch- and we sold every single one of them.
Time for grill marks!

Chef Bill flippin my 'burgers'

This is what you get when you wear WHITE scrubs and are a clumsy girl with your hot chocolate.

One more week in foodservice- Retail Rotation next week. It has been such a great experience with Chef and the rest of the kitchen staff..and as much as I miss fixing my hair and wearing regular clothes..I'll be sad to be done with it. My major administrative project was assigned to me this week, and I'll be working very closely with Chef Bill..so it's not totally over :)

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