Weekend of Friends

Jordan has been out of town since last Sunday and it has been a long week without him, that's for sure! Although I missed him, it was a good chance for me to have some 'Amber-Time'. I cleaned, and cooked (a lot!), went shopping :), and did a lot homework without being asked 'When are you gonna be done, Sweet Pea?' every 5 minutes. I also made time to hang out with friends. I had dinner with Emily at a really neat place called the Fillmore Pub in Plano. They are known for their beer (of course..it is a PUB!) and this Guinness-Cheddar Cheese Burger. So..I had that, and it was so good! Saturday I went with Jessica to a designer warehouse sale and shopped some great denim, and then we were off to brunch at Breadwinner's in Uptown.

Jessica looking cute as a button..and her HUGE plate of eggs :)
My 'OU/UT Weekend special..an omlett with a biscuit and gravy on top..very interesting. I think I barely made it through the biscuit and gravy before I was full!

Sunday was Mimosas and Brunch for a surprise birthday celebration for Rachel at Kathleen's Sky Cafe in University Park.
The birthday girl and Stephanie

Such a beautiful friend

Love this girl, Racheeeeee
My breakfast...the Monte Cristo with roasted potatoes. Man, I ate GOOD.
Mkat, Deeks, Me, and Rachel
Mary Katherine and myself
I was a great week, but I am ready for him to be home!! He has been gone too long working with his Dad, but I am so thankful he is willing to work extra on the side of the department for us while I'm not working in this internship.
This week I'm in my Production rotation and working with the Chef at the hospital. I made my yummy black bean burger on Friday and chef had it served as the special in Cafe Presby for lunch. It was a hit, and yes, I had it for lunch and thought it was the best I had ever eaten ;) This week is a busy one, again..then, The Firefighter's Ball on Friday!!! I am so excited!! Pictures to come, for sure!

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