2009 City of Irving Firefighter's Ball

Friday night was the 2009 Irving Firefighter's Ball. It is a formal fundraising event held each year- raising money for scholarships benefitting children of firefighters. This year was so fun..I mean- who doesn't just love to get dolled up for an evening with great friends?

Jordan and I: pre-ball festivities. Jordan picked out that dress shirt and tie all by himself. I showed him my shoes and bag..and he went solo to pick something out! GEEZ..he is so handsome.

The new NYLO Hotel in Las Colinas- kinda looks like a fire station :)

Melanie and Brian: Cousins! On the charter bus headed to the Love Field Flight Museum for the Ball

On the Bus

Walking the Red Carpet into the Ball..I did feel very special!

Me and The Hubbs

Miss Christin Brown- GREAT friends

Grey Wreyford, Hugh Harris, Jordan, and James Skelton- Causeing nothing but trouble. I attempted to take this picture about 5 times, and Hugh, your eyes are still closed.

Erin Tull and myself

Massey's X 2

After cocktails and mingling it's time to get ready for dinner and awards
The talented Michael Israel painted these right in front of us and then they were sold at a live auction. The John Lennon one went for $15,000!Can you tell there was complimentary wine at dinner? haha- I loooooooooovvvee red wine. ;)

Lisa and Amber

After the ball- it was back to the NYLO for the after party!!

Jordan was kissed by the Mayor's Wife..uh-ohhhhh!

Station 6 Chicks! (As Captian Williams would say!)

Me, Christy, Lisa, and Allison

There was a 'butt' artist at the party..so we had to let her draw our butts!! :)

The finished product. Is it wierd that I want to frame this? It looks just like us! Right down to Jordan's stance..

Jordan, Me, Mel, and Brian- Love my family

Mel, Jennifer, and Myself

It was a blast! I had gotten the flu shot on Thursday afternoon and had been running a fever off and on (between Tylenol doses!) and my arm was so sore I couldn't lift it well enough to even blow dry my hair! Through all that, I still was enjoying myself beyond expectation. I love our firefighter family!


Rosemond said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!

The Christiansons said...

hey girl! the dress is anthro! AND it was on sale! p.s. your hair at the ball is UHdorable!!! :0

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