Weekend With The Longnecker's

This weekend was TOO short. Jordan and I made the 5 hour drive to Lubbock to see one of our favorite couples, Joe and Diane. We left Friday afternoon, after my clinicals, with plans of spending some quality time with our sweet friends and going to the Texas Tech game on Saturday evening.

Getting ready to leave for an early dinner before the Tech game. Both Joe and Diane are alumni of TTU, so they had plenty of apparel for us to borrow so we could be official. Jordan did, however, pack his KState t-shirt and threatened to wear it to the game..Such a GOOBER.

The Longnecker's at Gardski's before the game

Getting Hot Chocolate before the game..it was quite chilly, but what is a football game without the chill?

Ok..so, VERY COLD. After about a half hour of sitting in the cold I decided I needed something else to cover up with. Jordan agreed. $92 later..we had ourselves two (very expensive) Texas Tech sweatshirts. So- longsleeved shirt+tshirt+sweatshirt+another sweatshirt+beanie= STILL freezing. So, Joe gave me his jacket. FYI- I'm not crazy about the cold. It was 44 degrees, with an 89% humidity and 20mph wind gusts. Then it started to rain. Just think about that for a second ;)

Sunday came way too quickly, and Jordan and I loaded up for the long drive home. Although it was a brief trip, I still got to see Diane, so it was well worth the drive and cold weather.
I did bring along all of my foodie magazine I got in the mail last week for the car ride- Every single one of them had a turkey on the cover. SOOOOOO excited to be diving into the holiday season!!

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