Victor's Birthday

A couple weekends ago, our good friends Victor and Joanna had a birthday party for Victor at their house in Irving. We had a great time and Joanna did such a good job as a hostess. She had some Mediterranean food catered in and I had never had anything like that before, so it was new for me, and it was YUMMY! Lots of cheese and bread. Great stuff. Here are some pictures Joanna finally sent to me. That is why this post is a little late ;)The Spread

Silly girls with Charlie
My sweet friend Joanna and IMe and Jo's sister..she was visting from Venezuela

Amy, Kelly and Amy

Jones, Chris and Jordan..and Charlie, too!

He was pooped out..poor little guy ;)

I just realized I don't have any of the birthday boy!! I'll repost bc I know I have them..I just can't find them on my computer right now!!


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