I've Been Tagged By Kara!!

Thanks Kara for tagging me! I've been bad and haven't been on here for a few days!
But her I am, doing the Belated 8 Things Tag!

8 TV Shows I love to watch:
1) Grey's Anatomy- I really cannot get enough of this show..
2) Fringe- a newbie..its really good!
3) The Hills (Yes, I am obsessed too, Kara!!!)
4) Raising the Bar-another newbie for me and J
5) Sex and the City reruns
6) 24 (its coming back next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
7) Project Runway
8) Top Chef

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1) Johnny Carino's -They know us very well!
2.) Maggiano's
3.) Cristina's
4.) Patrizio's
5.) Chuy's (We eat here every time we are in Austin, too, Kara!)
6.) Panera Bread
7.) BJ's Brewhouse
8.) Rockfish

8 Things that happened today (This is Saturday..I started it yesterday, and I'm too lazy to change what I did today!)
1.) Slept in!
2.) Helped Jordan make our traditional Saturday morning breakfast (Pancakes..yum..I pretty much stood there with my coffee and watched him flip the cakes on the griddle. ;) )
3.) Watched Grey's Anatomy on DVR
4.) Beat the insane crowd at WalMart for my usual grocery trip
5.) Worked on my research project for school (I hate it. Period.)
6.) Got ready for a Kevin and Christen's Wedding
7.) Left to drive to their wedding..THREE HOURS AWAY. We love them.
8.) Had a fabulous time at their beautiful wedding..yummy food!

8 Things I look forward to:
1) CHRISTMAS...This should be the top three for me, lol
2.) Decorating our house for our very first Christmas here :)
3.) The day it is cold enough for us to build a fire in our fire place!
4.) Jordan to be out of paramedic school, and for things to be back to normal!
5.) Christmas parties..can you tell I absolutley LOVE this time of year?!
6.) Getting our Christmas card pictures taken next weekend, haha, again with the Christmas.
7.) Getting my internship packet finished
8.) The Market Street that is opening up walking distance from my home..just a few more months!!

8 Things on my wish list:
1) To get into an intership so I can become an RD
2) An area rug for our living room
3) Seeing my family for the holidays (if you know me, this is something that is hard to come by)
4) Going on a much needed trip with my sweet hubby that I hardly get to spend time with these days bc of school and work
5) For it to finally get cold, and STAY cold..I LOVE sweater weather :)
6) A new tv for the living room..and one for our bedroom, too!
7) Cooking classes
8) Snow

8 People I tag:
1) Katie
2) Becky
3) Jenny
4) Melanie
5) Katie
6) Jackie
7) Sherry
8) Angela


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