Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This year for Thanksgiving was a little bit different for us. We decided not to travel, and so for the very first time EVER, Bree, Jordan's Mom, cooked Thankgiving dinner at her house. Jordan's grandparents came in town from Belton, Tx and Jenna was home from Houston. I brought some food, Granny brought some food, and Bree provided as well, and we had a great spread :) Food, Football and Family..the perfect Thanksgiving!!!! We ate a great meal..and while the boys watched foortball, the girls played 'Hand & Foot', a super fun card game. We played for hours!! The next morning, bright and early, instead of fighting crazy people at the malls and megastores, Bree, Granny, Woogie, Jenna and I made the short road trip out to Canton. It was cold, and we got drenched in the rain, but, I got a cute hat and some fun gifts and Christmas decor for my house. It was such a good time!!! The ride home wasn't so fun..my jeans were wet to the knees! But, we listened to Micheal Buble's Christmas CD, and sang along, making the best of the 'cold' situation! It was one of the best Thanksgivings, ever. I am so thankful to have family like I do..I am truly blessed and I pray that God provides me with the greatful heart I should have toward this fabulous family of mine!Our quaint spread of yummy food..

The Dogs!! Lucy, Libby and Brittany. Lucy is a close family friend..her parent's were out of town for the day, and so we decided to babysit for them. She's a sweetie!

Silly girl!! Her belly was so soft!
Brittany getting an ear rub by JB..She is such a sweet girl!

The boys watching the 'Boys whoop up

Woogie and his way of surviving Canton...Coffe in one hand, and a coconut pie in the other!

Getting wet at Canton with Jenna..yaay!


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Chris and Angela Burnett said...

You and Jordan are so stinkin' cute! :) I love how sometimes the best holidays are the ones that are so simple!! Hope yall are doing well!

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