Brittany and Her 'Thing' for Toothpaste

The other morning Britt was being silly, as she always is after she eats her breakfast, and she decided she wanted some of Jordan's toothpaste. She has done this since she was a pup, and it started with Jordan's Dad letting her lick his toothpaste out of the sink back when Jordan was living at home. Sounds GROSS, I know! So, she hopped right up to the sink and started licking the air, in attempt to maybe get some that had fallen from Jordan's mouth! I was sitting in the sink next to J and it was too cute not to capture on camera. As you can see from the picture, it is just after 6AM..Nice to start my early day with a smile!
Right as I took this one, Brittany had finally gotten Jordan's face! We both had a good laugh, especially after we saw the pictureIt's the little things in Life.


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