Parker & Jolie | 23 Months

Life with a two toddlers is fullFull of love, full of life, full of laughs, full of energy, full of way too much good to put into words on paper.  Life with a two sweet girls is fun.  Fun at the grocery store (if we ever make it through), fun in the car (T. Swift dance party, ya heard?), fun at the dinner table, fun at the park.  Life with Parker and Jolie is busy.  Busy reading, busy playing, busy swaddling babies over and over and over again..busy cleaning up, busy feeding, and the most busy at trying to communicate.  Life with my two toddlers is the most amazing experience there ever was. Its hard to
believe this will be the last monthly post before Parker and Jolie turn TWO!  These last 23 months have been fun to document and look back on and reminisce on how their interests have grown and changed in just a year's time!
photography / BFaith Photography 

P A R K E R | J A N E
 You, my sweet girl, are wildly opinionated.  
..making it a point to test and test and test our patience, and then laugh in our face.
Killer of all parental control, right there.  
..and you definitely know it.
They say Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.
..but I'd say, LOTS of spice and a sprinkle of sugar.
Your momma wouldn't have it any other way. 
Sweet.  That word is all consuming when describing you.
..and you really put your daddy and me into a mess of a puddle when you work that sweetness.
Since you were born you would snuggle in deep into the crease of our neck when we hold you.
..and my sweet little girl- at 23 months you still do the same.
Do it forever.  
..and ever and ever and ever.
You love, more than anything, to be held, rubbed, and touched.
..just knowing mom or dad's hand in there on your leg or around your waist gives you so much comfort.  
My heart bursts when you reach for me.

Enamored | Infatuated | Engrossed | Enthralled | Immersed 
All good great words to describe television this month.
Tangled, Little Mermaid, UP, and a Mickey Mouse movie I saved on the DVR.
..lets just say your momma can sing along with every song of Tangled.
We spend the day away from the tv now that you have such an interest..
..but will watch a movie or two just before nap and in the evening while I make dinner.
Getting your attention to do anything while you are in the middle of your 'show' is near impossible. 
..I can call your name, holler, wave my hand in front of your face - and nothing is what I get.

You have grown and changed in these last couple months, Boo Bear.
..while before I would call you my detail-oriented child, it seems as though you and Jo have flipped.
You are so carefree, nonchalant, and really not totally committed to anything you get involved with.
..while my first though is to say that is nothing like me, really, on the other side of my OCD habits, you and I are one in the same.
When you do get involved in something that really interests you..
..you are all in 100%.
I've watched you actually make the decision 'Am I really going to commit to playing with this puzzle/toy/doll right now?' 
..and straight up walk away from it.

You don't mind at all having things done for you.
Putting on your socks, shoes, pants, shirts - you would just assume mom do it until you are 37.
Your attitude and demeanor can be this way about things when YOU call the shots.
..easy-going when someone else is making the deal is not your strong suit.
Many-a-times you scream your head off when you don't get your way.  
..resulting in a time out and removal from the situation.
Girl- you test it.  The look on your face when you know you are being defiant. 
..head cocked, low eyes, raised eyebrows, and that bottom lip popped out. 
You know what you are doing.
Not to mention that your favorite phrase of all time is 'NO WAY
..and it is the cutest thing I have ever heard..
It is SO hard not to laugh.

Select days of this month have been really tough (<<really).
..but thats what cutting your 2-year molars will do to a sweet bebe like you.
I have been really impressed with how well you have handled yourself when you are tired or feeling bad.  Normally it would be drama-filled, but you have held it together, even when you are feeling your worst.
 I have noticed this the most at night.  When you self-soothe back to sleep.  
When you are cutting teeth you don't sleep well at all and you have done this since that first tooth started to break through.
..but I've watched the monitor like a hawk, and even though you are awake, you are working through it.
Such a big girl.

Even though you are gnawing on your hands 90% of the day, eating hasn't fallen by the wayside.
you love food and have developed quiet the interest in helping when momma needs it, and I absolutely love every minute of it.
Being in the kitchen over the holidays with you (and sister) are going to be so much fun this year!
A few other favorites at 23 months:
running/playing in the backyard | climbing | playing chase | dance parties | hide and seek.. even when no one is playing but you.. | going to BB's house | Wubby & paci | all sweets/candy/chocolate - ALL of them | chicken nuggets | pizza | yogurt | iPhone | Movies & TV - Sofia the First, Mickey, Tangled, Little Mermaid

You are never easily coerced, tricked or deterred.  So many distractions you might think could and would work on a near 2 year old falls apart with you, little miss. 
-Parker..if you do not come sit down, we are going inside.
-BYE (with the most elaborate hand wave above her head) 
I have had to start actually following through with these tricks and 'threats', because you are one smart cookie.  
On one hand - this makes it hard on your momma, but on the other hand it makes me proud of your strong personality.

You are 100% my mini, a momma's girl, and your daddy is the biggest hero and the keeper of your little heart.  
We love you, sweet Parks.

J O L I E | G R A C E
 My cheeky little thing.
..can I just keep you this petite size for ever and ever?
I could just carry you around in my purse.
..would you be okay with that?
You are filled to the brim with giggles and will do absolutely anything to get a rise out of us.
..just like the other day when you wore a $1 clearance witches hat (that was about 2 feet tall, no lie) around Target for the entirety of the trip- dying with excitement as the tears of hilarity rolled down my face.
It is rare to find you without a smile.
..and nothing is more sweet that the joy that fills your eyes when you are happy.
I will never forget that joy, love bug.

You have the best time playing house.  
..your momma skills are over the top, and I think it brought me to a new realization with how big you are getting when I watched you swaddle puppy in a dish towel this month.
..really.  Using whatever resources you got to be the best little mommy you can be.
If I must say, you are born to be a twin momma.
..you never leave a baby behind.  
Carrying 7 babies / stuffed animals and all their bottles and cups and blankets.
..you've got it down.  
When you don't, you holler and scream for assistance.
..just like this momma does when she is in public (kidding).
Television is okay for you, but really playing house is where its at.

You are very obedient.  
..you have no problem doing what is asked of you, minding as you are told..
..as well as correcting sister when she isn't doing those things.
You get into your fair share of mischief.
..and get away with it a lot of the time.
Your sister gets all of the attention for discipline because she is expressive about it, but you, my dear are just a quiet little mouse when you are up to something.
Pulling out all the wipes, dumping the toys, yanking Ginny's tail/hair/whiskers. 
..bumping, tackling, hair-pulling, teasing, stealing
You drive Parker bonkers about a quarter of the day.
..and when reprimanded, you smile as if to say 'I was only joking, mom.' 

Your vocabulary, like sisters, is growing at lightening speed.  
You talk NON-STOP, but we can only catch about half of what you are saying.
A 'yea' here and there, the head nods, and hand gestures.
..they kill me.
You (and sister) are getting there.
..I just wish there was a way for me to explain that Momma doesn't understand the twin talk like you and sister girl do:) 
You love to dance and sing, clap your hands, and twirl around like there is no tomorrow.
..but singing is your favorite.
It caught me off guard the other day when you started singing Part of That World from The Little Mermaid.
..you knew exactly the part when the song started, and what tune to carry.
A few other favorites at 23 months:
Puppy | your BB is your BFF | fruit | pasta | trucks - big and small, but school buses and 18-wheelers always seem to get the biggest smile and squeal out of you | playing outside | going down the slide | Little Mermaid 

You are fiercely independent.  
You must do EVERYthing on your own.  
Getting dressed in the morning means that you have to do it all (or attempt, anyway).
 ..momma follows up and puts arms in the correct holes and removes both legs from one side of your pants and balances it out. 
When you do get things right, the look of pride on your face is perfection.
..I wish I could just bottle that face right up to keep it forever.

I never want to forget you at this age, Jo Grace.
You are such a sweet little helper, the best big sister, and the greatest companion in my day.  
I adore you precious. 
..and I love you, Little Bit.  

P A R K E R & J O L I E 
2 3 M O N T H S

 Watching Parker and Jolie grow over the last 23 months have been amazing.  They never cease to amaze me with there ever-expanding vocabulary, increased independence, and silly attitudes and the sweetest demeanor. 
Happy 23 Months, baby girls.
I wouldn't change these growing moments for a single second.


Tiffany said...

I can not even begin to tell you just how freaking cute they are! Their pigtails kill me! I love that they look like they are best friends! You have the cutest little family!

Ashley Kimble said...

Your girls are adorable and always dressed to a t! Can I ask where you got those sister bear shirts?

Liz/ said...

Your girls are the absolute sweetest little things I ever did see! LOVE these updates and all the pictures and you, mama, are just gorgeous....LOVE the pics of you and the girls laying down!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable, just adorable!! Where do you get all their stylish outfits?? They are always dressed, so cute, so envious, my twin girls would have cute outfits stained and ruined in minutes!

Becky said...

God has truly blessed you. I love the one in the Walmart shopping cart

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness Amber, they are so darn cute. And their piggies are the absolute best! Brooke and I have pigtail envy.

Mackensey Stang said...

What perfect little ladies. They honestly are dressed to die for every. single. Time. And sooo cuye

Jenn said...

I'm pretty sure I could copy most of this and replace Parker with Aubrey and Jolie with Alexis. They are just the cutest xo

Kristina Briones said...

Every monthly post they get sweeter and sweeter! So much stinking cuteness. I love their personalities and how they balance one another out!

Katie said...

your girls are the cutest girls ever!! and you have SO many such cute pictures of them!!

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