30 Days of Thanks | 2014

I love this time of year in Texas.  I can confidently say it is the most gorgeous and enjoyable time - mainly because it is finally, finally cool enough outside to enjoy ourselves without breaking a sweat.  

Over the weekend we had some chilly temps - 60's (don't laugh) and then back to 70 on Monday, but still enjoyable.. and still warranted my wearing boots.  I left the boot socks at home, though.  
It hits 80 degrees here and Texas girls be like "WHERE are my UGGS?!" 
My southern gals probably get it:)  
Time change threw me and these littles for a loop on Sunday morning when they started pining for a nap and asking for their Wubby and Puppy at 10am.  It was NOT happening, so I was attempting to figure out every which way I could to keep them awake. 
The Park.  
We haven't hit up the park in awhile- mainly because I am still frightened to be in a place with little access to a potty. And also because life has been insane.  I halfway forget how much fun we have at the park, and every time we go I'm always leaving there saying to myself - we are coming tomorrow! 
We have a play area in our neighborhood, but nothing compares to Kids Kastle.

Me and the girls loaded up and made the short 15 minute drive to the 'big' park..they both fell asleep within 4 minutes of being in the car, and I topped my luck off with a failed attempt to swing through the Starbucks drive through.  Another thing about suburbia in Texas.  60 degrees calls for every person, coffee lover or not, to NEED coffee. 
So, we arrived at the park, no coffee, and sleeping babies - in panties.. which stresses me out even more.  I pulled in, hopped out, and immediately threw my hand down into their seats to check - it was dry.  WHEW. No accidents.
This was going to be a good day.
Thankful waking them didn't result in total Monsters Inc., and they took off down the sidewalk to the park without a second thought.
This side of the Kastle was a tad too big for them.  The slides were huge, and there wasn't a real place for them to climb up (safely) - like stairs.  Whats wrong with stairs?
With a little help from Momma, they made it to the top.
Only to find the tallest slide in the park, and Jolie didn't think twice.
We quickly ditched the bows.  They were probably the heaviest ones we own, and what was I thinking to grab those for the park? 
Oh.  They looked amazing with their outfit.  Thats why.

After Parker when down a couple times, having a mild panic attack midway through, we decided to hold off on the 'big' side of Kids Kastle. 
Walking over to the smaller play area, Parker took it upon herself to gather every rock she could hold. This picture makes me smile - BIG - because her little face holds such determination. 
Man.  I totally adore her.  
After taking this picture, it brought myself to check the tag on those pants.  I thought for sure I had just bought those and they were already loosing length?
No.  (thank goodness..)
They were both in size 9 month pants.  Whoops.
After making it to the other side.. here is Parker.  Still.  Collecting rocks.  But this time she found the colored marbles that were in the concrete and couldn't figure out why she could pick them up.
Finally, sister!  Jo sat and waited patiently while I called her sister over from her gravel searches.
The smaller side of the park had double slides and, alas, stairs for them to climb up on their own.

The arms up thing before heading down the slide.  I still have zero clue where it came from. 
But, I dig it, little girl.

Upon realizing that there was a pond across the way, they would not, could not stop talking about it. 
This just might be my favorite pictures to date.  
Sweet girls.  Jolie reached for her sister's hand as they walked over closer to the pond.. and the ducks.
They learned and could mimic what a duck says before they spoke their first words.
Thats what having 47 rubber duckies in your tub will do for you by the age of 6 months.
I brought a picnic lunch, and not knowing there was a duck-feeding opportunity, I gave up a mini-sleeve of Ritz crackers for those demanding ducks.  
The moment we walked within eyes view to the pond, they swarmed land and came waddling as fast you can waddle toward us.
Jolie was very cautious, as usual, and Parker dove right into the 'adventure' of duck feeding on a Sunday afternoon.

She was so stinkin' precious.  LOVED every single moment with those 'quack, quacks'.
I just want to hold youuuu.  
I made sure those ducks didn't get within arms reach or she would have grabbed one by the neck and squeezed in hard for a hug.  She kept walking up to them and slapping her hands on her knees in a crouch as if to be saying "come here little buddy".. 
Ginny (our dog) falls for it every time, and then gets drug around the island in the kitchen 7 times before Parker releases her from the death grip.
Time for lunch, and they were still talking about the ducks.  It was so windy, but it didn't seem to bother them much.
Cheese, deli meat, and crackers seems to be one of their favorite lunches.  
Jolie eats the deli meat, Parker takes care of ALL the cheese..and they share the crackers.  
But not before stacking each one perfectly and then dissembling them layer by layer to eat and share and eat and share some more.
flexi-straw sippy cup / Nuby

If you follow me on Instagram (masseya), you probably saw my post of the hand-holding picture above and the caption - Although I hate life for the half hour it takes to get out the door to go ANYwhere, moments like these make up for every single second.

This afternoon with my girls was fantastic. When I finally got home and put the girls down for nap, I was looking through the moments I captured and wanted to wake them up right away to go back to the park.  We had so much fun.  I get stressed out having to lug and carry and remember and be on top of my game, and heaven forbid I forget an extra pair of panties (no really.. heaven forbid..).  I literally question if it is worth going out of the house that day.  
And I only have two babies to mess with!  It is a lot sometimes.  
But, I am so thankful for these moments with my girls.  Moments we won't get back, but we spent together and had FUN.  
On Halloween night I thought I would be original and track the 30 days of November with daily pictures of what and why I'm thankful.  Yea.  Not original at all.  It was that same epiphany moment I had when I thought it was a GENIUS idea to start a food blog about 6 years ago.  I was the only one that had ever thought of that.
Negative says the millions of food blogs before me.
Anyway, I'm still doing it.. original or not, and will recap the month long #30daysofthanks here the first of December.  
4 days in and I haven't missed a day, yet.  #winning 

hairbow / ruby blue 
sweater (dress turned tunic) / old navy (similar here & here)
leggings / carter's (similar here)


Brittany Sanchez said...

This is a great idea! I'm going to jump on the 30 days of thanks band wagon too! A few days late, but not to late to show thanks. Your little girls are precious and you are one strong mama to be able to handle it so gracefully!

Kristina Briones said...

I've always wanted to do the 30 days but our life is pretty lame so I'll just enjoy yours ;)

Kids Kastle in HV, right? That's such a nice one!

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