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Happy November!!  Do you know what that means?  We are well into (the 3rd day, actually) the official start of the "holiday" season! We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year - which I have always had the desire to do, and so, naturally, I am already dreaming about Thanksgiving dinner (mashed potatoes and buttermilk pie..) & to be completely honest here, Christmas music has been in the playlist rotation since mid-October.
Bring on the holiday madness!

But first, we must recap Halloween! I had so much fun with these costumes.  I don't think I could have been more excited about the ideas/possibilities flooding my brain..until I saw them on those little bodies. I just about cried when I penciled Jolie's rosie cheeks, and placed Parkers perfect lion ears up against her teased out piggies.  It was a literal hand-slap-over-the-mouth moment.
So.. we started with these from Lauren's wedding the week before.
After the effort we ('we' being Bree and, well, just mostly Bree) spent to update the look of these hand-me-down tulle dresses (they were given to us as a gift by a Instagram follower last year), I wanted to figure out a way, ANY way, to reuse them.
I had the ideas..shared them over and over again..  
..and the look came to life.  Times a billion.
For Parker's dress, we removed all of the purple (tulle and flowers), and added in the dark brown and orange over top of the champagne base color of the dress.  We then took dark orange and cinnamon red flowers (to match her perfectly tiny crown) to adorn the bodice.  
For Jolie's, we left the purple and added red and orange.  After seeing inspiration from Pinterest, the sunflower was a must.. and her scarecrow hat.  
I can't even. 
Gimme ALL the candy, ma!
Can we talk about the fact that not only is Jolie's hair in piggies, but they are BRAIDED.
braided pigtails.
Let that marinate for a second.
Also- isn't she just a DOLL?  
BB and Papa came over and made the evening complete when they tagged along for the (rather short) trick or treat experience for their second year.  Last year we made it around the cul-de-sac and back in less than a half hour, but this year we took our time because they were loving every second of it!

Our neighbors are some of the most wonderful people ever- and always show lots of love for our girls.  Jolie was very polite and selected one candy from the buckets, but Parker was sneaky with the way she picked out her piece of candy.  It was never just one. 

again with the double candy selections..
It wouldn't be Halloween unless we ate a little while we went.  After all - Trick or Treating is hard work!  And BB is a softie.  

Halloween was taken to the next level this year and it was even more than I could have imagined.  Fun isn't the right word. Even though we hit up just 6 houses, the excitement and pride as they walked up to each house made for the best evening ever.
I can't express enough how excited I am for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  
holiday season - let's go.

Tulle Tutus / DIY
Cinnamon Spice Crown / Litte Blue Olive
Crocheted Lion Ears / Baby Grace Hats
Scarecrow Hat / Little Blue Olive
Rose Gold Moccasins / Freshly Picked



Brittany Sanchez said...

I adore their precious little costumes! Good job, mom! Love your blog and following your journey through mommy-hood. <3

Karra said...

braided piggies AND teased piggies.. LOVE!!!! We are just now able to braid and I swoon every time Rae lets me.

Jenn said...

absolutely precious!! And, I'm with you...my favorite (totally jam packed) time of year!! Kicking it off with Disney next week (eeeek!) and then hosting 18 people for Thanksgiving 4 days after we get home. No big deal.

The Yarbrough's said...


Sarah Smith said...

This is by far my favorite Halloween look this year. You did a fantastic job on those adorable costumes!! And the models are pretty cute too!!

Ashley D said...

Stop it. I am so sad we missed this year... They were darling!! I miss y'all xoxo

Caitlin Comfort said...

Those are the cutest costumes I've ever seen! Jolie's little hat and Parker's lion ears are off-the-charts adorable! Glad you all had so much fun :)

Becky said...

how fast your sweet chicks have grown. Love the look of the costumes

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