Park Play

Last week Papa (Jordan's dad) came over to hang out with the girls for a bit while I ran to an appointment and then a meeting.  He comes over here and there to watch them, and then leaves with his feet dragging because from the moment he arrives to the moment he leaves he is on his hands and knees playing smack in the middle and as hard or harder than these two 21 month old little girls.

I came home on this day to hear all about the fun they had at the park and how they loved the slide and ran all over the place.. and..and..and..


I had yet to take them to the park (which is just walking distance around the block from the house) since we started potty training because there isn't a prime place to take a panicked babe to go do her business - and lets be honest, I wasn't that brave yet.  
(potty training update coming next week!)

But my father-in-law was that brave apparently.  They came home without an accident (which I am not surprised) and stories to tell of how much fun they'd had.

Well.  Let me in on this fun.  Jordan worked a 48 hour shift over the weekend, and on those days when it is just me and the girls we do one of two things - stay close to home and do absolutely nothing, or go out.  Out to run 1 zillion errands.

A wagon ride away was all we needed to get out of the house on this day.
There were a few other kiddos on the playground, and my children are very observant.  VERY.  They stood there for a solid 3 minutes watching these older kids interact, converse, and then start to throw rocks.  I'll be sure to thank that kid next time I see him because I then spent the entire time we were there explaining why we don't throw rocks. 
tank / target    
The star of the show : the slides.  They never could figure out that they weren't able to actually climb up them.  When I was able to finally get them to look my way as I instructed them to go up the stairs on the side, they paid me zero mind.  
 I finally just stopped with all the instructions and let them be.  Let them be silly toddlers and I would just be around to catch them if they fell.  

I'm sure they were thanking me in the twin garb that was consistently being chattered out their little mouths.  They talk to each other ALL day long.
TALK to ME, ladies.  

 We finally reached the top (they figured out the stairs).  
There was no fear.  NONE.  Parker plopped right down and flung herself onto the slide.  

I didn't have to coax or explain that 'Mommy will catch you'.  
She could care less if I was standing their or not.
I thought Jo would surely need some assistance.
Laughing and squealing the entire way down.
 Up the stairs we go - time and time and time again.  They loved every single minute.

Back to the slide we go
 This time, Parker took it upon herself to make it even more dangerrrrous.
No handsss, ma! 
 Sister! Get yo hands up!
 I was dying laughing.  Overwhelmed with the giggles over Parker and her dare devil attitude. 
 ..and although it seemed liked a great idea to slide with no hands, Jolie decided to clap Parker along and keep her own hands close to her side.
I thought I was going to have to peel their dirty hands from that slide and drag them home by their ears.   
 62 minutes we spent at the park. 62 minutes of non-stop running, playing, sliding, and just being silly little girls.
I finally sat back and just watched them.  Watched them get dirty.  Watch them yank off their headbands and throw them into the rocks.  I watched them fall, face plant (they were fine), and play together.  No mom to fuss over them or attempt in keeping them out of the dirt.

It is insane the love I have for them.  

It was such a fun hour of the afternoon.  Perfect to run them down and make them extra hungry for dinner..and more inclined to snuggle that evening before bed.  Selfishly, I love it when they are (extra) tired out from the day's activities so I have more time with them in my lap to love and kiss on.

We need to go to the park more often.

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Dana said...

Love those sweet jeans!! What kind of camera do you use? Takes great photos!

Lauren McDowell said...

What a fun day! I had the same question as Dana -- how do you get such clear photos, even with the action shots? That can't be an iphone...

Amber Massey said...

I use a Canon Rebel SL1:)

Jenn said...

Are you sick of me saying this yet...we are soul sistas! Did you bling the chucks yourself? Because did you see the girls black chucks..blinged out in pink? Soul sistas! The park is our fave, and the slides are the girls jam! Alexis is my Miss No Fear and goes right up and down the slides without a second thought about if I'm there or not. Aubrey is more cautious and wants to be sure mama's hand isn't out of reach. I just love this age...sass and all.

Lessye said...

The picture of Jolie clapping while Parker's arms are in the air as she's sliding down is PRICELESS!! Looks like a fun day!

Raegan Allen said...

They are seriously THE cutest little girls ever! I love the photo of Parker with her arms raised on the slide!
The joys of motherhood are priceless. :)

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