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I'm really excited about this post today.  As a girl mom, I can say with confidence that I know basically nothing about whats out there for boy clothes, so I called in the troops for help.  Who is better to give ideas for Fall looks for little boys?  None other than a BOY mom. 

For me, when my time comes (it will be twice if Jordan has anything to say about it.. something about evening the 'score' for him.. who knows), I can only assume that the styles I choose for that little guy(s) would be similar to how I've come up with the birds' style over the last year and a half. We aren't really into the 'baby pinks' and we do a lot more of dressing like a mini-me than the 'Mommy's Little XYZ' or princess patterns and big fat baby lambs all over our clothes (which is why I stand firm to saying I would wear every single outfit I shared yesterday HERE)  
Thats just me. 

After sharing my Fall/Winter 'looks' for Parker and Jolie with my girlfriend, Kristina (@lifeaskristinab), I realized how beneficial it would be to have this option to share in addition to my girlie looks.. 
While putting the post together I was about falling over my chair to think of her twin boys (she has the most adorable twin boys) in any one of these outfits.  Kristina lives up north (WAY up north), so you'll notice the essentials for living in the cooler temps for the majority of the year.  I saw on her IG this weekend that her boys are already layering with jackets and pants.
It was 102 yesterday.
Jealousy becomes me.

ANYway- lets hope to all this adorableness, shall we?   Kristina did an amazing job of sticking to creating mixed and matched looks using s few key staples (pants/shoes/shirts).  She did mention in her emails to me that some things are in the higher price range but 90% of them have promo's/deals on a weekly basis.  Quality over Quantity if you ask me.  Unless you are shopping for twins (or more) and then you need two (or more) of everything.. you feel me?  
1 | hoodie / beanie / jeans / boots
Just as with the little lady looks, a hoodie (sweatshirt) is always essential for the fall/winter months.  Can we talk about suspenders for a second?  I thought they looked amazing on grown men (Jordan wears them HERE), but throw them on a little buddy and holy swoon factor.
Switch those boots out for a pair of moccs to lighten up the outfit a little, and you are good to go for October in the South. 
2 | tee / shirt / jeans / boots
Again with the buffalo.  Layered with a graphic tee makes for easy on and off if needed.  
3 | shirt (similar) / teeleggings / moccs
Who says boys can't wear leggings and moccs? Jordan just raised his hand.  But even he, after seeing what Kristina did here with this look, took a second thought to his snap judgement on what 'boys need to be wearing'.  Its not all about the camo and ball caps, you know.  Little boys are on trend.

4 | cardigan / tee / pants / vest / sneakers
Cardigans.  Amazing.  Cardigans on boys is down right perfection.  I cannot get enough of the the look of a long cardi on a dude (it has to be long, tho..) and those sneaks.  Is it wrong that I REALLY want those for Parker and Jolie? And we cannot forger to mention the harem pants.  Leave it to an etsy shop to produce the most amazing style.  
5 | beanie (not pictured) / shirt (similar) / bando / tee / pants / moccs
Bandos are all the rage right now, and while we never hopped on the bandwagon for them in the age we actually needed them for, I love how they look and will plan to grab a few for the next one.  Etsy shops and small businesses of the like have a plethora of options for boy and girl.
6 | hoodie / tee / pants / moccs
Super casual look for the weekend - loving this reglan tee from J.Crew - another something I wish to steal for my own two.

 7 | sweater / pants / moccs
There are tons of options out there for high quality moccasins, and while you might say they are only room for girls to wear them, the 'fringe-less' option is a good way to go.  Besides- I hate shoes laces.  They stress Jolie out more than you could imagine if they aren't tied just right.  There are those suspenders, again.  Zara, your killing it this season.
8 | hat / vest / sweater / pants / boots
Heavy layering is needed in most parts of the country at some time or another.  Gap has great options for a variety of vests (love this same vest in the yellow, too), and I really dig this puffer paired with the color pop of orange from the cowl sweater. Why stop with the color at the sweater.. throw on some olive Hunters and we are good to go. 
9 | sweater / beaniejeans / boots
Heavy sweaters are among my personal favorite things, and so I have plenty!  For a comfortable Southern look, throw on a tee underneath, so when the cooler morning temps randomly turn to 68 degrees mid-day you can peel off a layer for comfort.

10 | trucker hat / sweatshirt / pants / sneakers
I love love love Whistle and Flute clothing.  ONE talented momma right there.  I recently received a few items from them, and could not be happier.  Trucker hats (hats in general) and over the top adorable - I can only relate them to hair bows for the little ladies.  We will have head gear for the boys.   Most def.
11 | beanie / hoodie / vest / pants / boots
Another hoodie option- and I totally LOVE it.  This is another one from Gap, and while we both (Kristina and me) were a little disappointed as what they have to offer at the moment, these are a favorite.  Oh, and did you see?  40% off Kids and Baby Styles right now:) 
12 | jacket / tee / jeans / chucks
My kids need this shirt.  Yesterday. The North Face can be pricey for casual wear of a toddler, but shopping the amazing sales Nordstrom offers ever so often could seal the deal for you to purchase.

Thats a wrap on the Little Gents style options for Fall/Winter.  Totally loving it, right?  I could have asked a better person to seek out for assistance when shopping for boy things.  Kristina!  You're the best:)

One thing I want to be sure to mention when shopping with small businesses on Etsy or other marketplaces (Storenvy, Big Cartel, etc.)..there are about a million and one people selling.  I recently had a question come through on my email for tips and ways to find really great Etsy shops, whether for clothes or goods and services, and I honestly had a hard time answering.  I find Etsy to be very saturated.  When I first started to branch outside of the typical name brand clothing items for littles (and now myself) I really took a hard look at what's out there on social media- Instagram.  Truth is that some shops I've accidentally discovered after being approached for a giveaway or collaboration, and other times I've found them through other people I follow (these shops of the like usually follow each other).  I LOVE what Instagram (@masseya) has opened my eyes to, and I feel like finding shops in this way I can really see their product in action through pictures.  It is rare these days that I actually do a search on Etsy.

ALSODon't every hesitate to ask for a 'twin discount'.  It sounds tacky (it isn't), but most shops will politely oblige with 10%-20% off and/or free shipping.  Always a plus - yes?  Besides, whats the worst they could say - no.  
No problem, but now you know for sure, right?

Deals. Sales. Discounts. COUPONS.  Use 'em up and take advantage when shopping for multiples (and of course for singletons, too!) 

What are your favorite shops for littles?  Would love to hear your suggestions of Etsy options and/or name brands??

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Lauren McDowell said...

Yay, thank you for this post! My boys already have several pieces from there, definitely similar style. We love Zara (they have pretty good sales), Old Navy (love their boys pants in particular), RL (again, ridic sales online). Next direct is another good one -- a uk company but free shipping over $40. This gives me some new ideas though and LOVE that Je t'aime sweathshirt!

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