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Baby B.  
She will always be my Baby B, but from the moment I found out I was pregnant with two little girls, We thought long and hard about Jolie's name.  But this girl, she was my Parker Jane.  

There couldn't not have been a more perfect name for her.
These last 6 months flew, and here are some of my favorite moments with my Parker girl.

Christmas 2013 {HERE}
  13 months {HERE}
14 Months {HERE}
Austin Roadtrip {HERE}
Sitting on a 30 year old horse (the only toy I have from my childhood)
15 Months {HERE}
Easter 2014 {HERE}
One of my favorite lunch dates.
17 Months {HERE}
Summer first fill of the backyard pool  {HERE}
More Summer Fun
The Dallas Zoo {HERE}
Memorial Day Weekend 2014 {HERE}
18 Months {HERE}
Double Baby Swoon {HERE}

"She is SO you."
I hear this on a daily basis.  
Her passive aggressive pout gets me every time. She knows what she wants, and will let you know if you aren't understanding her correctly. "yes" and "no" - she nailed those first. 
Chooses milk, 19 snacks, and Smarties (candy) over water, 3 square meals, and chocolate.  
Prefers to snuggle in your lap more than independently play, listen to music over movies, and leans in for a kiss 436 times a day.

totally me. 
..and proud of it.

January-June.  6 months.  
Its gone in lightening speed and doing my twin momma best to keep up.


a mrs and a mama said...

I am so new to this whole blogging world but your posts about your girls just melt my heart. I have a little guy at home, almost 14 months. Just thought I'd stop by and say hello :).

Ashton said...

I have been following for awhile, but this is my first comment. :) Love your girls, so darn cute. Just wanted to let you know that I adore your style (and obviously your girls' style as well!) Also, you're perfection with the camera. Wish we were closer to have play dates!

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