18 Month Well Visit

rainbow halo / Sweet T Baby
8 months since they started walking..
6 months since their first birthday was celebrated..
..and a mere 4 months away from intense planning of their SECOND birthday party
(colors and theme are picked, don't you know.)

How has this happened?  Did I keep track of every memorable moment?  Not a chance.

There isn't enough note paper in the world, my friends.   But you better believe I did my very twin momma best to enjoy every second of the last 18 months.

I know I've already given there update for this month HERE, but this was before we got to visit Dr. Butler for our well check.  We've made lots of progress since we saw her at our 15 month check-up, and in celebration of hitting double digits not the growth chart.. well we practically threw a party. 

Thats blog worthy news, ya'll.
Parker's 18 month stats:
height | 32.8 inches (62%)
weight | 23 pounds 8 ounces (20%)
head |  47.6 cm (45%)

Jolie's 18 month stats:
height | 32.3 inches (66%)
weight | 22 pounds 4 ounces (21%)
head |  46.4 cm (64%)

Between the months of 15 and 18 we hit a couple of major growth spurts.  At their last check up they were both barely 20 pounds: Jolie was just 9th percentile for weight and Parker was in the 6th percentile.  Our pediatrician was very pleased with how well they had grown.  

Me too.
I would have been questioning the office scale after what I've witnessed these girls eat this last month.  Jolie- that girl cleans her plate AND whatever is left on Parker's plate at the end of the meal.  finally.

Individuals News
Parker is healthy as a horse.  Long and skinny, still, but thats okay with me!  Outside of her normal allergies, she got a clean bill of health from Dr. B.   Jolie is a healthy girl, too!  She had a little redness in her right ear (which has become the norm when she is teething), but other than that, she's great!  

Speaking of teeth - they both have a mouth full of teeth: Jolie has 12 going on 14 with her two bottom canine teeth popping through as we speak.  Parker has 12 teeth and her 13th coming in, her bottom right incisor.  I can see where one of her bottom canines is next up. It was recommended that we make an appointment with the dentist at their 1 year well visit, but I decided to put it off until they had a few more teeth.  We went from a measly 2 teeth at 10 months old to 6 teeth at one year.  Then more than doubled that in 6 months.  We have an appointment in August for their first visit to the dentist, and Butler was totally fine with that.  Until then we will be busy brush, brush, brushing our tiny teeth at bath time (see more bath time favorites HERE). Puppy has developed good dental hygiene as well!

Car Seats
We got the official blessing to flip the carseats to forward facing.  Texas State Law says 1 year AND 20 pounds before the child can face forward.  As of this month, Parker and Jolie meet both of those requirements.. and since they are very long and their legs hang over the side and up the back seat we opted with the O-K from Dr. B to flip them around. I DO KNOW the "best practice" recommendation is 2 years.  This is our decision.

Pacifier (and Thumb Sucking)   
Jordan is ready to toss that paci out the window.  He's already planning the Trash the Pass(ci) ceremony.  I am NOT ready for that.  Mainly because Parker doesn't take the paci but for nap and bed, and occasionally when she isn't feeling very well or when she is really upset.  But, Jordan thinks now is the time to worry about it.  He HATES the paci.  My problem is that paci and her Wubby go together.  She can't have one without the other, so it will be a transition to A.) NO paci and NO Wubby or B.) Only Wubby.  Dr. Butler said it was completely fine to for her to continue with her paci until age 2.  Age two is when we really need to start figuring out a way to get rid of it - which was what I have been promising Jordan all along.  As for Jolie- I was shocked to learn that her thumb sucking is okay until the age of four.  I have a feeling the dentist will have something different to say about that.. 

At 15 months it was acceptable to have 6 words.  Now at 18 months, it is still acceptable to have 6 words- more like 8-10, but 6 is totally fine.  Parker and Jolie have several words, most of them are inconsistent, but they will say them on occasion. 
daph (Daphnee our dog)
side (outside)
brows (eyebrows)
Dr. Butler mentioned that over the next 6 months they will drastically change in their speech development. More words, more often, and formation of two to three words into sentences.  Parker and Jolie communicate back and forth all day long- full communication with each other, just not with me.  I feel like the odd man out on most days.   Going into their 18 month appointment I was fully aware that it is common with twins to have delayed speech, but Dr. B put my mind at ease.  I can't wait to see what the next several months has in store for their little voices.  Parker's sweet speak melts me on a daily basis. 

We wrapped the appointment with the final shot of their baby-hood and walked out of the patient room after choosing a dum-dum from the prize bucket.  

I can't believe we don't go back until they are TWO.  I made their 2 year well visit appointment just before we left: December 9th, 2014 at 2pm. 

Good grief.


The Yarbrough's said...

What cuties they are!!!

{I recognize those diapers. Target diapers are the best...and I'm beginning to think their Pull-Ups are too.}

Amy Wiltse said...

Are your girls forward facing in their car seats? I'm just wondering when I need to turn my little one around? Thanks! I 💜your blog!

Amy Wiltse said...

Are your girls forward facing in their car seats? I'm just wondering when I need to turn my little one around? Thanks! I 💜your blog!

A Dupree said...

We have our 18-Month well visit today... even though its a week late. Oh well! The twins seem to be doing excellent! I am anxious to see how much our little ham has grown since his 15-Month well visit.


Bitz said...

I think it's awesome that the girls have so many words. Sofia is still lacking in some language skills and she's 26 mos, but I think it's because she's learning two languages at once. Are there things that you and Jordan do to help them learn new words or do they just learn as they go along? I really am hoping that Sofi just starts talking more and soon.

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